This is Why You Shouldn’t Move to Tel Aviv, Told In GIFS

Once in a while, a friend tells us they’re moving to Tel Aviv, and this is how we react:

But we’re compassionate people, so our faces quickly change to:

Because, let's be real, we know what they’re in for,

(no, really)

and the tiny apartment they'll be able to afford,

and all the money they’ll have to spend on it.

Meanwhile, they'll just be another person squishing up Tel Aviv,

and helping the income gaps grow.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We could be living it up in the spacious Negev or Galilee.

We could be living the good family life.

Okay, sometimes living away from the center is hard.

But we're a nation of pioneers.

We need to keep on building a better future for Israel.

Stop the Tel Aviv madness today. #Dontbethatfriend

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⇒ To find your home in the Negev or Galilee, call: 1-800-215-216 or email:
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