Annual Action Report - OR Movement 2020 / 5781

2 DEAR PARTNERS FRIENDS FOR A JOURNEY This was the year in which we understood that we could expect the unexpected. We understood how important it is to invest today in tomorrow's infrastructures for all the citizens of the State – in times of extended crisis, in emergencies and in normal times. " Israel 2048 – A Shared Future" Vision More than ever, the need to create growth remains relevant; economic, occupational, demographic and human, in Israel's new centres in the Negev and the Galilee is the current necessity. It is up to us to create an obligation on the part of all systems, to invest efforts and resources and to lead the vision, alongside the establishment of reality-altering projects in the towns and cities of the Negev and the Galilee. Realization of the vision will emerge on the ground, and we have therefore taken upon ourselves, along with partners in the local authorities and government ministries, to create a national pilot – the "Equitable Cities" initiative in 4 cities: Dimona, Ofakim, Acco and Kiryat Shmona, to establish investments, social and financial initiatives and to encourage residents to remain, as well as adding new ones. Actively implementing the vision – It is complicated, and we have therefore consistently expanded OR Movement's circle of partners. Joint activity is not only assistance but also a significant obligation during this period to create more and more lines of contact between the various sectors of Israeli society. This is OR, the light. This is how we ensure that we continue to build up the country. We will continue to persevere in our mission. Thank you to all our partners and to all those who assisted us in achieving our targets. Welcome to all those who wish to join; the vision and realization are open to all, and are our collective responsibility. On behalf of OR Movement’s managing directorate, Ilan Cohen Chairman, OR Movement In order to create a normal reality, crazy things need to be done… So we like to say at OR Movement. What a year! With the incredible national and international challenge, we were blessed to take upon ourselves enormous responsibility, while, as an organization, stretching our capabilities, built up over the 18 years of OR, to the utmost. During COVID-19 we planted our flag in 3 areas: 1. The ability to help out during a crisis – By activating 29,000 volunteers and 82 local authorities, led by the "Lev Echad" (One Heart) organization. 2. Establishing solutions for real-time challenges – We had the good fortune to be partners in setting up the "Medina L’Mofet" (Exemplary State) initiative, and together with over 200 partners and top Israeli to create sprints which will benefit all our lives. 3. Unprecedented demands for community – by over 2,000 families and young people for relocation to the Negev and the Galilee (hundreds have already relocated over the past summer). In the task we took upon ourselves to unite Israeli society around a significant mission; Israel's new centers in the Negev and the Galilee. These centers are the national compass which touch everyone, every place and field, proving themselves every day a new, and particularly over the past year, as a direction and growth engine in health, employment, culture and tourism, resilience, success and values held dear by Israelis. We are pleased to share with you, our fellow travelers on this rising road, the journey of the past year as well as dozens of projects we have undertaken together. We thank you for all of your support and remind you that this is only the beginning and that only together will we be able to continue establishing an exemplary nation. With blessings for the construction of the people and the nation, Ofir Fisher Co-Founder, OR Movement Roni Flamer , Founder & CEO, OR Movement