VISION | INNOVATION | ACTION ANNUAL REPORT 2022 The 20th Anniversary of the OR Movement and this is just the beginning...

Annual Report 2022 | The 20th Anniversary of the OR Movement 2 An excerpt from one of David Ben-Gurion's letters (1954) The calling of the youth - indeed, the calling of every good man in the state - is to be a source of light, to do a little more than the state demands of him, as much as he can - to do the most possible. To take action of substance is to take positive action: not to thwart the evil of others, but to do good yourself, with the entirety of your creative capacity. Of the positive things that there are to be done - and that the state cannot require - there are mainly two: heading to the Olim and heading to pioneering of new settlements... If thousands of young persons arise and do this, they will thus stifle all corruption and vacuity. Light, in and of itself, expels darkness.

3 Annual Report 2022 | The 20th Anniversary of the OR Movement VISION The State of Israel becomes the best country in the world to live in. It is united, stable, safe, and growing in a variety of fields in all parts of the country, for all citizens INNOVATION We aim to connect people around a common mission and create momentum that continues to establish the state and create new centers in the Negev & Galilee. Our desire is to rebuild the spirit and hope of Israel through leadership, value, and initiative ACTION OR Movement collaborates with the private and public sectors, and the government to execute nationwide projects, raise a new generation of leaders, and build the foundation and infrastructure for future generations “A small light dispels great darkness”

Annual Report 2022 | The 20th Anniversary of the OR Movement 4 Dear Partners and Friends, Our Friends and Partners, Vision. Innovation. Action. These are the three concepts that have been integral to the OR Movement since we founded this organization in 2002. Summarizing the year of 2022 is especially exciting because it marks the 20th year anniversary of the OR Movement. It's amazing how 20 years can feel like one long day that hasn't ended yet. We have done so much, and yet there is still so much more to do. We found ourselves with a new government at the beginning of 2022, and now at the beginning of 2023 we are experiencing a new government yet again. Through all the change, we have developed the ability to work with any government, proving our organization can work with all sectors and can face any challenge that comes our way. In 2022 we came back to a post-Corona life, and the violent "Guardian of the Walls" conflict in May left us with the reality of a fractured and divided society. Moreover, we are also faced with the beginning of an economic recession and government instability. Some may say we are dreamers.. but we are not the only ones… The OR Movement believes in a dream and fighting the good fight. We are soldering and healing the state of Israel. We have faced many challenges and worked tirelessly these last 20 years, and we will continue to work vigorously and humbly for the next 20 years to make sure the state of Israel is the best place to live. We are excited to present to you, our dear partners, a summary report for the year 2022. We feel a duty to express our progress and evaluation to you, because above all we appreciate you. Thank you for your help in the biggest mission since the establishment of the state. Creating the new centers of Israel in the Negev and the Galilee is a combination of vision, innovation, action, and your help. We have been working together for 20 years, and this is just the beginning. Together. Building the future of Israel. When I met the founders of the OR Movement, it was 2004. I’d just started my job as director general of the Prime Minister’s Office. The first place I toured was the south. I met a group of young people with a two-year-old organization. It was a stormy day in a stormy time for the State of Israel. We headed out to the Negev with stops at stations of pioneering significance, starting with the Patrol Route in OR Lachish, on to Bnei Shimon, Sansana, and finally to the remote fledgling communities. I heard and saw places and people, a complicated state of affairs, but also bright-eyed pioneers. I could not have imagined how much I would continue to be a part of the vision and pioneering of the OR Movement for many years to come, even serving as chairman of the movement. As director general of the Prime Minister’s Office, we led the Daroma and Tzafona programs, transportation infrastructure and turning Be’er Sheva into a cyberspace center, investing in Mikkud Ma’amatz in Akko and many other projects, in keeping with the OR Movement’s approach of long-term strategy and immediate execution. In recent years, the vision on which the organization has taken the lead has been one of the State of Israel in its next stage. I have been privileged, together with the wonderful team on the organization’s executive committee and general assembly, in discussion fora and field teams, along with hundreds of partners, to be a part of molding Israel’s character today and for generations to come. After 20 years, the OR Movement is proof of the impossible: that it is possible to dream and achieve, to build bridges and to work with every government in a way that is apolitical, professional, and businesslike. The models that we have developed over the years reached their peak with the Equitable Cities and Communihoods initiatives, and are set to affect the lives of millions of Israelis and to buttress society and the economy in the face of domestic and global challenges. I would like to take this opportunity to recognize and salute the OR Movement team, the pioneers, and our partners for their faith and for decisiveness of action that brings together strategy and practice in a single breath, that does for us all what is needed without asking whether it is possible. I invite everyone to take part. Roni Flamer, CEO and Co-founder of the OR Movement Ilan Cohen, Chairman, OR Movement

5 Annual Report 2022 | The 20th Anniversary of the OR Movement Bravo, and onward! Congratulations from the depths of my heart on 20 years of action by the OR Movement, which from the day it was founded has lived up to its name, spreading a bright light and benefiting Israeli society. Having for years been acquainted with your work, I look with wonder and great appreciation at your dedication, your perseverance, and your ability to translate a great vision into action. This is no small feat. Your work is not merely notional or theoretical, though it is anchored in an ideological matrix intimately tied to the best of Zionism, love of the land, the people, and its state, and great faith in the connection between them and the promise of their future. Your work translates into energetic action in the field that already has produced many beautiful fruits in the form of pioneering groups and communities that fortify the Negev and Galilee regions and deepen Israel’s roots within them, guided by the spirit of the words of the late Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook that the Land of Israel is an intrinsic whole bound to the nation with bonds of life. You have acted and continue to act tirelessly to community members of impact groups in all parts of the land, primarily in the expanses of the Negev and the Galilee, in existing communities and in new ones. I would further offer my encouragement for your commendable work in connection with your foresighted vision for Israel’s centennial year of 2048, including the Equitable Cities initiative, which already has been set in motion in four central cities with the goal of strengthening the cities of the north and south in various respects, and which is to my mind invaluable. This vision gives fine expression to the long-ranged gaze that you have embraced and that you toil to share with broader society, as well as great faith that the positive change of growing and fortifying the Negev and Galilee is not only necessary, but also possible. I share your perspective as to the necessity of strengthening these regions, and I believe and hope that connecting them to the Israeli heartland—through modern means of transport, and together with broadening and deepening residential and professional opportunities, combined with development of excellent services in the fields of healthcare, education, welfare, and the environment—can turn Israel, all regions included, into an even more robust, diverse, and prosperous state than it is today. “The people walking in darkness have beheld a great light,” said the prophet Isaiah. “Upon those abiding in the land of the shadow of death has light shone.” The great light that you of the OR Movement spread in actual practice, not merely through words and ideas—though their articulation has worth of its own—but through innumerable actions, brings positive change to the reality on the ground. You are highly privileged to be among those seizing the reins in populating and developing Israel on the eve of the fourth quarter-century of its birth, and thus to securely lead Zionist action in our time to wonderful places. I hope for your continued success, I thank you in the name of a great many—indeed, in the name of the State of Israel—for your years of glorious work, and I wish you many more years no less fertile and successful. Yours sincerely, Isaac Herzog The President of Israel Dear Leaders and Members of the OR Movement, נשיא המדינה رئيس الدولة THE PRESIDENT Jerusalem January 31, 2023 My Honored Friends,

Annual Report 2022 | The 20th Anniversary of the OR Movement 6 Israel 2048 - A Shared Future Vision 9,600,000 RESIDENTS 2023 EXISTING 2048 EXPECTED 2048 DESIRED 17,000,000 RESIDENTS 17,000,000 RESIDENTS Eilat Haifa Be'er Sheva Tel Aviv Jerusalem Netivot Dimona Acco T.H.R. 1.6M 7.2M 0.8M 4.5M 9M 3.5M 2.4M 13M 1.6M Eilat Haifa Be'er Sheva Tel Aviv Jerusalem Netivot Dimona Acco T.H.R. Eilat Haifa Be'er Sheva Tel Aviv Jerusalem Netivot Dimona Acco T.H.R.

7 Annual Report 2022 | The 20th Anniversary of the OR Movement OR MOVEMENT TEAMS - TOGETHER. BUILDING THE FUTURE OF ISRAEL

8 Mitzpe Ramon Nizanit Dimona Arad Beer Sheva Ofakim Sderot Yeruham Rahat Kassif Kseyfe Netivot Kiri Ashkel Eilat Sufa Gvulot Tzohar Nave Sansana Dror Sapir Zukim יהל Merhavam Beer Milka Khmein Nizana Kadesh Barneah Holit Tlamim Retamim Shizaf Givot Bar Dvir Har Amas Hura Cramim Carmit Lahav Ein Eliav 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Map of Israel's new centers in the Negev and the Galilee (incorporated with OR points) Nevatim Super-initiatives for the development of Israel's new centers 10 EILAT – R&D in the field of marine biology and an International Center for Performing Arts DESERT SAFARI - 5 million visitors per year MEISHER - The city of the future, green, smart, innovative, and over 2 million residents MITZPE RAMON – A tourism town and the Space and Future Research Center DIMONA - The capital of the eastern Negev and the World Center for Industry 4.0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 NEVATIM – Israel’s second International Airport BEER SHEVA - The capital of the Negev, 1,000,000 residents, 100,000 students, a vibrant city with art, culture, and academics RAHAT - A large city district, over 300,000 residents, and an International Center for Technology and Innovation in the Arabic Language OFAKIM - Global Agro Tech Center SDEROT – An international extraterritorial industrial zone near the Gaza Strip, a Jewish and Arab multicultural community, green energy, and advanced agriculture

9 6 Afula Caesarea Beit Shean Nazareth Arraba Golan Kiryat Shmona Jerusalem Haifa Acco Tel Aviv Tiberias iat Gat Ashdod lon Netania Herzlia Nahariyya Shlomi Tzfat Karmiel Katzrin sa n Gedi Mitzpe Ilan Beit Ha Emek Beit Rimon Esh'har Moran Maale Gilboa Neve eitan Kfar Rupin Lavi Mahanaim Maalot Tarshiha Kfar Blum Kfar Yuval Kfar Szold Malkia Sde Nehemia Manara Misgav Am 12 13 18 11 14 15 16 17 Hatzor Ha Glilit Legend 8 OR Movement rural towns 64 Communities of OR Movement that we developed (cities, moshavim and kibbutzim) 4 Equitable Cities 3 Centers of Israel - Galilee, Gush Dan and Negev 18 Super initiatives (out of 70) for the development of Israel's new centers NAZARETH - An integrated cultural and tourism center for Jews, Christians, and Muslims NAHARIYA - International School for Medical Robotics KARMIEL - Advanced Industry Cluster TIBERIAS - “The Israeli Riviera” T.H.R. (Tzfat, Hatzor HaGlilit, Rosh Pina) – The capital of the eastern Galilee, R&D in the field of bio tech, and an Advanced Industry Cluster 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 KIRYAT SHMONA - A student city and R&D in the field of food tech GOLAN - Over 200,000 residents, educational centers, employment opportunity, accessible healthcare, and tourism AKKO - The capital of the Western Galilee, over 500,000 residents, R&D in the field of marine tech, a student city, tourism, art and culture

Annual Report 2022 | The 20th Anniversary of the OR Movement 10 Our Lab gathers information, cultivates knowledge, and formulates the "Israel 2048"- A Shared Future Vision. We develop the strategy, work plans, means of assessment, and models for the construction of the new centers of Israel. Our team takes the lead in innovative solutions to national challenges together with professional partners from the government, local governments, civic organizations, and businesses until the government commits to planning the process, budgeting, and executing it. The Gottesman Lab for the Future of Israel ACHIEVEMENTS 2022 GOALS 2023 PRESENT & ADOPTION OF THE ‘EQUITABLE CITIES’ & ‘COMMUNIHOODS’ MODELS BY THE GOVERNMENT PUBLISH “THE INDEX FOR THE FUTURE OF ISRAEL” REPORT $500K INVESTED IN “MEDINA L’MOFET” TO SCALE OUR SOCIAL-TECH INCUBATOR $300M GOVERNMENT FUNDING TOWARDS THE “ISRAEL 2048: CENTENNIAL PLAN” GOVERNMENT DECISION THE NEGEV & GALILEE ARE OFFICIAL NEW CENTERS OF ISRAEL INDUSTRIAL ENGINES IN DIMONA PLANNING DIMONA ROBOTICS & R&D CENTER $4M STRATEGIC PARTNER RECRUITED 4 NEW PILOT INITIATIVES EMOTIONAL & COMMUNITY HEALTH 160 PARTNERS DEVELOP THE “ISRAEL 2048: CENTENNIAL PLAN” FOR CREATING 3 NEW CENTERS PROMOTING GOVERNMENT DECISIONS $123M THE EASTERN NEGEV IDF RELOCATION TO THE NEGEV “I am glad to have my family as a partner, and grateful to have found the Lab for the Future of Israel. Our activity in the United States and Israel will support future generations in the education field and other fields as well. OR Movement represents the future generation of dreamers and pioneers in Israel, and we will continue to collaborate with them for many years to ensure that Israel remains the best country in the world to live in.” Paula Gottesman, Philanthropist, Social and Educational Entrepreneur

11 Annual Report 2022 | The 20th Anniversary of the OR Movement DID YOU KNOW ? The 'icon' that represents our "Israel 2048" a shared future vision The OR Movement is the first organization to formulate a comprehensive vision for the State of Israel since Theodor Herzl came up with his vision for the state 125 years ago. We established the 'Lab for the Future of Israel' with hundreds of partners, experts, and entrepreneurs from business, social, and government sectors to find solutions to the challenges Israel will face in the next century.

Annual Report 2022 | The 20th Anniversary of the OR Movement 12 “We came to Carmit from Tel Aviv because we understood it was possible to live differently. We came out to live in wide open spaces, with a supportive community, and we came to a place that’s a real home for us today, a home where you can have dreams and make them come true. We have almost everything here, and whatever we don’t have, we get to make ourselves. It’s important to have an organization like the OR Movement that’s dedicated to creating from scratch a new town that within a few years becomes a sought-after, high-quality community. We took a risk and did something that we really weren’t sure about, and our decision to relocate turned out to be an appropriate and important one that upgraded our standard of living.” Or Ilan-Cohen, Pioneer, Carmit The Relocation Unit of the OR Movement leads work on the ground to meet the organization’s overall objective of helping 150,000 pioneers start, resume, or change directions along the path toward building Israel’s new centers in the Negev and Galilee. We hope that the new centers will to be home to an additional 4 million residents. Our methods include creating impact groups, initiatives, and attractive residential projects, as well as ongoing monitoring to ensure ample high-quality supply and demand. ACHIEVEMENTS 2022 GOALS 2023 3 - 5 PIONEER IMPACT GROUPS IN ‘EQUITABLE CITIES’ 17,000 PIONEERS RELOCATED TO RURAL AREAS PROMOTE 2 NEW NEGEV TOWNS MAP OF RELOCATION OPTIONS & A NATIONAL DASHBOARD FOR THE NEW CENTERS NATIONAL SITUATION REPORT ON DEMAND IN THE NEGEV & GALILEE 173 FAMILIES JOINED THE DROR IMPACT GROUP 17 STUDENTS ESTABLISHED THE FIRST IMPACT GROUP IN DIMONA’S HANITZACHON NEIGHBORHOOD 4 GOVERNMENT DECISIONS ESTABLISHING THE COMMUNITIES OF KASIF, MEVO’OT DIMONA & A CROSS-TRIBAL BEDUIN COMMUNITY 24 NEW OLIM THE FIRST IMPACT GROUP OF OLIM ESTABLISHED IN AKKO IDF NEGEV RELOCATION ADOPTION OF A NEW COMMUNITY CONCEPT Populating the New Centers

13 Annual Report 2022 | The 20th Anniversary of the OR Movement The OR Movement Dror Impact Group standing on land that will become their future home The founders of the OR Movement have worked for the last 20 years to create a new generation of pioneers in the Negev and the Galilee called impact groups. Impact groups are a collection of individuals from different backgrounds and belief systems who come together with a joint dream or initiative and relocate to cities and villages in the Negev and Galilee. OR Movement has formed over 40 impact groups since its inception 20 years ago. DID YOU KNOW ?

Annual Report 2022 | The 20th Anniversary of the OR Movement 14 “As part of the Centennial Council conceived by the OR Movement and as an organizational partner of the OR Movement in recent years in the vision of Israel 2048: A Shared Future, which discusses cities of the future in the Negev and Galilee, we will work cooperatively to ensure that the Negev and Galilee become Israel’s new centers, home to 8 million residents, with millions of residential units that make it possible to achieve this national mission for the sake of young residents, lower housing prices, and improving Israel's quality of life” Raul Srugo, President, Israel Builders Association This unit transforms the cities of the Negev and the Galilee into 'Equitable Cities' for residents, businesses, initiatives, and investors with a unique urban character. Our team works with municipalities, the government, and the business and social sectors to ensure these independent 'Equitable Cities' will prosper and grow demographically, economically, and communally. Cities are the key to creating Israel’s new centers in the Negev and Galilee and providing solutions to the national challenges of the future in the areas of housing, employment, transportation, the environment, cost of living, and quality of life. Equitable Cities ACHIEVEMENTS 2022 GOALS 2023 RECRUIT 250 EMPLOYEES FOR INNOVATION CENTERS IN ‘EQUITABLE CITIES’ LAUNCH 2 INNOVATION CENTERS IN ‘EQUITABLE CITIES’ ESTABLISH 2 R&D CENTERS IN ‘EQUITABLE CITIES’ RELOCATE 15 HIGH-TECH COMPANIES & ANCHOR FACTORIES DEVELOP 4 ‘EQUITABLE CITY’ COUNCILS & 12 PROFESSIONAL URBAN FORUMS 4 NEW PARTNERS + $2M GIFT FOR THE NEW OFAKIM INNOVATION CENTER 20 EMPLOYEES RECRUITED FOR THE NEW CAMBIUM OFFICE IN DIMONA $1.7M INVESTED IN THE AKKO TECHPOINT INNOVATION CENTER, RECRUITED THE FIRST 19 ENTREPRENEURS 43 STUDENTS ENROLLED IN THE NEW RIMON SCHOOL OF MUSIC IN AKKO 25 EMPLOYEES RECRUITED TO JOIN THE ISRAEL TAX AUTHORITY’S ELITE UNIT IN DIMONA

15 Annual Report 2022 | The 20th Anniversary of the OR Movement The new OR Movement community of Olim in Akko (November 2022) The OR Movement and its partners (Municipalities & Government offices) launched the 'Equitable Cities' initiative to accelerate the growth of developmental towns in the Negev and Galilee. This program works to reduce social gaps and poverty, increase demand for housing, and encourage urban growth and quality employment. We hope that 18 developmental towns in the Negev and Galilee prosper and transform into magnets for new residents, a source of pride for current inhabitants, and become home to 8 million residents in the future. DID YOU KNOW ?

Annual Report 2022 | The 20th Anniversary of the OR Movement 16 “The Day-After Coalition is an initiative that was born at the Menomadin Foundation during the COVID crisis to help local authorities create solutions tailored to socioeconomic challenges together with a coalition of interested parties. We chose the OR Movement to lead the initiative on account of their important work in behalf of the Negev and Galilee, which they are turning into engines of national prosperity and growth, while adopting the model they developed to turn a neighborhood into a community. The partnership we forged is producing wonderful results, and this is just the beginning of our work together for outstanding communities in Israel” Dr. Merav Galili, CEO, Menomadin Foundation This unit turns the neighborhoods of the Negev and Galilee into attractive, sought-after communities that become Israel’s next residential product. We create a platform for cultivating neighborhood leadership and discourse in Israel through programs and projects based on gathering information, setting objectives and indices, and building physical, economic, and communal infrastructure. The 'Communihoods' initiative will turn each neighborhood into a mini-country where all can feel at home and secure in their ability to live and prosper to the fullest. Communihoods ACHIEVEMENTS 2022 GOALS 2023 PROMOTE POLICIES THAT ASSIGN STATUTORY LEGAL STATUS TO NEIGHBORHOODS IN THE NEGEV & THE GALILEE IMPLEMENT THE ‘COMMUNIHOODS’ MODEL IN 7 NEIGHBORHOODS OPEN A COMMUNITY HUB IN THE HEART OF THE KIBBUTZ GALUYOT NEIGHBORHOOD BUILD A COALITION OF PARTNERS IN THE NEIGHBORHOODS OF THE NEGEV & THE GALILEE ESTABLISH A NEW TEAM TO DEVISE & ADVISE COMMUNITIES IN THE NEGEV & THE GALILEE 26 PARTICIPANTS FROM 4 MUNICIPALITIES JOINING FORCES IN A NATIONAL COMMUNITY LEADERS SEMINAR 2,000 PARTICIPANTS IN COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES LED BY THE NEIGHBORHOOD’S LOCAL LEADERSHIP $3.2M INVESTED IN NEIGHBORHOODS IN THE NEGEV & THE GALILEE 20 + COMMUNITY EVENTS LED BY NEIGHBORHOOD RESIDENTS 7 “DAY-AFTER COALITION” INITIATIVES IN TIBERIAS, RAHAT, & OFAKIM

17 Annual Report 2022 | The 20th Anniversary of the OR Movement The OR Movement impact group of young people in the Ha-Nitzahon neighborhood of Dimona The OR Movement developed the new model for relocation to the Negev and the Galilee called 'Communihoods'. 'Communihoods' act as catalysts of change and transform struggling neighborhoods into strong, valuable community-centered neighborhoods. 'Communihoods' will create neighborhoods capable of urban regeneration and will bring a million residents to the heart of a city. DID YOU KNOW ?

Annual Report 2022 | The 20th Anniversary of the OR Movement 18 Our Information Center brings together supply and demand by providing a courteous, professional, high-quality solution for tens of thousands of people seeking to relocate, build ventures, and invest in the Negev and Galilee. Our information Center gathers information from over 400 pioneering destinations and gleans insights from thousands of conversations and correspondence about audiences and current trends in demand, and conveys this information to the government and the local authorities. We integrate different aspects of life and provide an accessible relocation package that covers housing, employment, education, culture, accessibility, healthcare, and more. The Information Center for the Negev and Galilee “I was privileged to meet the OR Movement when I started this position, when I went to the Negev as one of my first tours in the field. I saw the urban activities in the neighborhoods of Dimona, we toured the Bedouin community, Nevatim, we met the pioneers of Carmit and saw the Information and Visitor's Center. I’m happy we in the government have partners like the OR Movement, which has 20 years’ proof of pioneering and innovation illuminated by vision. This is the Zionism of the current generation. " MK Yitzhak Wasserlauf, Minister of the Negev, the Galilee, and National Resilience ACHIEVEMENTS 2022 GOALS 2023 3,000+ POTENTIAL PIONEERS INTERACT WITH THE OR MOVEMENT AT EVENTS IN THE FIELD LAUNCH THE OVRIM WEBSITE & APP TO MATCH INDIVIDUALS WITH IDEAL RELOCATION OPTIONS 6,000 NEW PIONEERS RELOCATE TO THE NEGEV & GALILEE ESTABLISH THE NEW OR MOVEMENT INFORMATION CENTER IN THE GALILEE 12,000 CALLS TO THE OR MOVEMENT INFORMATION CENTER 282% INCREASE IN THE NUMBER OF RESIDENTS INTERESTED IN MOVING TO THE NEGEV & GALILEE 80,115,445 EXPOSURES TO OR MOVEMENT AD CAMPAIGNS FOR THE NEGEV & GALILEE 2,400 NEW PIONEERS IN THE NEGEV & THE GALILEE ESTABLISHED THE OR MOVEMENT BUSINESS INFORMATION CENTER WITH A NETWORK OF 561 ENTREPRENEURS & COMPANIES 10,302 CALLS TO THE OR MOVEMENT INFORMATION CENTER

19 Annual Report 2022 | The 20th Anniversary of the OR Movement The OR Movement Information Center for the Negev and the Galilee celebrates a family relocating to the Galilee The OR Movement established Israel's first information center for the Negev and the Galilee. Our Information Center provides “white glove” relocation services from geographic guidance, immigration and Aliyah support, residential, workplace and community information for the Negev and Galilee. A key part of the relocation process is employment, so we created a job placement engine called "ORJOBS" as a part of our Information Center. When we first established our Information Center, we had one employee and no phone calls for 4 months. Since then, our phone has not stopped ringing and our team has grown immensely. DID YOU KNOW ?

Annual Report 2022 | The 20th Anniversary of the OR Movement 20 “Wow! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! I, Haley Ponpa from Las Vegas, USA, can mold the future of the State of Israel! My Birthright group came to the OR Movement’s 'Gateway to the Negev' Visitor Center in the heart of the Old City of Be’er Sheva, and we met the nice, dedicated, bright-eyed staff. It wasn’t a tour, it was an invitation to be a part of history. We laughed, we learned, we played a game about building Israel in its centennial year, we did yoga in the outdoor community complex, and we had a workshop about what we want to be when we grow up...” Haley Ponpa, a visitor to the 'Gateway to the Negev' Visitor's Center from Las Vegas, USA Our Visitor's Center builds awareness, tells the story of our "Israel 2048" vision, reveals the charm of the Negev, and showcases the work of the OR Movement. Visitors become actively engaged partners in imagining and realizing the "Israel 2048" vision throughout the tour. We host decision-makers and influencers, and hold seminars, introductory tours, and workshops for senior management of civic organizations, businesses, and government agencies. Our Visitor's Center also holds events, informal meetings, and conferences for pioneers, entrepreneurs, investors, and pioneering groups en route to the Negev and Galilee. The 'Gateway to the Negev' Visitor's Center ACHIEVEMENTS 2022 GOALS 2023 25 EVENTS IN OUR OUTDOOR COMMUNITY COMPLEX 35 TOURISM & CULTURAL COLLABORATIONS 50 VISION WORKSHOPS 50 NEGEV TOURS 20,000 VISITORS 10 COMMUNITY EVENTS IN OUR OUTDOOR COMMUNITY COMPLEX 25 VISION WORKSHOPS 20 TOURISM & CULTURAL COLLABORATIONS 70 BIRTHRIGHT & MASA GROUPS COLLABORATE WITH THE OR MOVEMENT 7,500 VISITORS FROM A RANGE OF AUDIENCES

21 Annual Report 2022 | The 20th Anniversary of the OR Movement Community leaders participating in a tour of the OR Movement’s ‘Gateway to the Negev’ Visitor’s Center The OR Movement is the only organization in Israel that operates a Visitor's Center for the future of the country! We are also the only visitors center of our kind to have engaging, interactive content that simulates an exciting experience for what the State of Israel will look like in 2048. Visitors will discover entrepreneurship, Zionism, and vision through innovative technological displays, guided experiential and interactive activities, exciting games, and a 270-degree theater. DID YOU KNOW ?

Annual Report 2022 | The 20th Anniversary of the OR Movement 22 "Israel and the world are facing a complex future, and the ability to anticipate the future and prepare for it is an art and the order of the day. The OR Movement works to ensure a better life for all of us in the present and the future. They are building the 22nd century for all of us through the "Israel 2048" vision and are ensuring that Israel will be a good and safe place in a vibrant and sometimes crazy world." Professor David Passig, futurist, lecturer, consultant, and researcher specializing in technological, social, and educational forecasting This solution-based unit cultivates strategic partnerships and connections to achieve the goals of the "Israel 2048" vision. The unit is responsible for recruiting and mobilizing resources from donors, government authorities, municipalities, and the business sector to run various projects in the field. This unit is a crucial part of the OR Movement, as it holds the capacity to use resources effectively and efficiently to realize the "Israel 2048" vision. 5 KEY GOVERNMENT FIGURES PROMOTE THE “ISRAEL 2048” VISION & THE “LAB FOR THE FUTURE OF ISRAEL” $5.7M FROM DONORS, FOUNDATIONS, & THE BUSINESS SECTOR 10 STRATEGIC PARTNERS RECRUIT & HARNESS FOR OR MOVEMENT PROJECTS $4.3M GOVERNMENT INVESTMENT IN THE NEGEV & GALILEE ESTABLISH THE CENTENNIAL GROUP WITH EXECUTIVE LEADERS OF SOCIETY IN ISRAEL Partnerships, Resources & Government Affairs 20 CLAUSES IN THE COALITION AGREEMENTS WERE INFLUENCED IN FAVOR OF THE NEGEV & GALILEE $4.2M DONATED TO THE OR MOVEMENT PRESENTED THE “ISRAEL 2048” VISION AT THE CONFERENCE FOR THE 125TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE FIRST ZIONIST CONGRESS $2.8M RAISED FOR JOINT VENTURES WITH THE GOVERNMENT ESTABLISHED THE CENTENNIAL COUNCIL WITH 8 HEADS OF THE LARGEST ASSOCIATIONS IN ISRAEL ACHIEVEMENTS 2022 GOALS 2023

23 Annual Report 2022 | The 20th Anniversary of the OR Movement The inauguration of the "Bob Wiener Park" for the children of Carmit (November 2022) Since its inception, the OR Movement has raised over 48 million dollars through donations and joint ventures with government authorities for action teams and projects in the field. According to a KPMG study in 2016, the economic impact of the OR Movement was 2.8 billion dollars. In 2022, the economic impact of the OR Movement exceeded 5.6 billion dollars. According to KPMG, every dollar put into the OR Movement will have the impact of 141 times its original amount. DID YOU KNOW ?

Annual Report 2022 | The 20th Anniversary of the OR Movement 24 "As a part of the OR Movement Board of Directors, I see our action as a chance to carry out a vision for the state of Israel through the implementation of projects in the field. We are working to make sure that everyone feels that the state of Israel is the best place in the world to live in. We want every person in every field and area to be resilient and prosper, find a connecting force, and build a shared future for generations to come." Emi Palmor, Former Director General of the Ministry of Justice and Council Member of the Facebook Oversight Board This unit acts as the infrastructure and backbone of the OR Movement. It enables OR Movement to execute its mission and it provides infrastructure so the office can function effectively. This unit oversees all office activity and makes the impossible, possible. The Unit functions as a family of positive and committed professionals who ensure that all members of the OR Movement can reach their goals in the most efficient way. Our headquarters unit oversees all needs of the organization including HR, acquisition, production, finance, information, system measurement, digital assets, contracts, and more. The Planning, Implementation, and Measurement Unit DEVELOP A DASHBOARD TO MEASURE EFFICIENCY & EXCELLENCY OF GOALS RECRUIT 32 TEAM MEMBERS & ESTABLISH 3 MORE UNITS PRODUCE 85 TOURS & EVENTS EXECUTE 94 ORGANIZATIONAL PROJECTS COMPLETE 160 GOALS FROM THE WORKPLAN 16 EVENTS TO IMPROVE COHESION & PROFESSIONALISM WITHIN THE ORGANIZATION 44 NEW TEAM MEMBERS & 3 NEW UNITS 60 EVENTS & TOURS 75 ORGANIZATIONAL PROJECTS EXECUTED 104 GOALS COMPLETED FROM THE WORKPLAN ACHIEVEMENTS 2022 GOALS 2023

25 Annual Report 2022 | The 20th Anniversary of the OR Movement The OR Movement team discussing the "2023 Workplan" The OR Movement formulated a management concept called the 'peaks' method. The 'peaks' method allows the organization to concentrate their work under 7 summits (super goals). The organization sets out to achieve over 150 goals every year in 23 professional fields. We have 9 different units in our organization that measure their achievements through our 'peaks' method. DID YOU KNOW ?

The Centennial Council Annual Report 2022 | The 20th Anniversary of the OR Movement 26 1. Passing the Law for the Future of Israel and the establishment of a new centers authority within the PMO: Planning, development, and regional management | Coordination and control among all government, municipal, and social elements | Planning and implementation authority 2. A budget of 37 billion dollars for the development of new centers by 2030 Creation of connections and funding using the BOT and PPP method to realize the program and promote implementational availability | Incentives | Designated funds | Implementational mechanisms 3. Additional 4 million residents for the new centers Additional 800,000 residential units | Prior establishment of rental complexes | Adapting housing products to the target audience in 2048 | Provision of housing options for large groups (olim and young people) 4. Strengthening the cities of the Negev and the Galilee and establishment of 2 future cities Developing functional municipal and regional spaces | 50% of the residential units in urban renewal | Multi-use | Community cultivation | Development of innovative neighborhoods using advanced urban planning (a smart neighborhood, sustainable, accessible construction) 5. Employment development and economic growth – additional 2.5 million new jobs in the Negev and the Galilee Planning and development of economic clusters | Establishment of centers for innovation and shared working spaces in the heart of the cities | Incentives for the employees 6. Planning and implementation of infrastructures with an emphasis on public transportation complexes and lines, energy, communications, water, and sewage Development of new, inter-center public transportation lines | Establishment of an international airport in Nevatim and in the north | A train to Kiryat Shmona and Eilat | Establishment of sewage treatment plants and medical centers 7. Development of 30 growth and excellence anchors and engines in the fields of education, health, and culture Growth and establishment of universities for 500,000 students | Development of playgrounds and sports facilities | Environmental protection | Development of tourism and leisure | Adaptation and upgrading of infrastructures, formal and extra-curricular education systems | Expansion and establishment of hospitals, additional positions, beds and equipment | Increasing accessibility of medical facilities for the community The 7 steps – The 37th government Dubi Amiti Chairman of the Business Sector Nissan Ben-Hamo Mayor of Arad, Chairman of the Negev Council Benny Biton Mayor of Dimona, Deputy Chairman of the Center for Local Government, Chairman of the Development Cities Forum, Chairman of the Negev Development Authority, and Chairman of Eshkol Eastern Negev Marian Cohen Chairman of the Israeli Hi-Tech Association Haim Feiglin Vice President of the Association of Contractors and Builders of the Country Elhanan Fellheimer Chairman of the Association for Students Roni Flamer CEO and Co-founder of the OR Movement and Secretary General of the Centennial Council Shay Hajaj Head of the Regional Council for Merhavim, Chairman of the Center of the Regional Councils Raul Srogo Chairman of the Association of Contractors and Builders of the Country Karin Meir Rubinstein The president of the Union for Advanced Industries Dr. Ron Tomer President of the Manufacturers' Association of Israel

27 Annual Report 2022 | The 20th Anniversary of the OR Movement To carry out the enormous challenge of implementing the "Israel 2048" vision, we must join forces with influential partners. We established the "Centennial Council" to help us turn our vision into reality. The "Centennial Council" is made up of authority leaders, the civil and business society associations, and umbrella organizations. This council will help us promote our "Israel 2048" vision and establish Israel's new centers in the Negev and Galilee by forging new connections within the Knesset, and swaying government decisions in the coalition agreements and budget laws. Heads of the largest associations in Israel at the founding conference of the "Centennial Council" (9/5/2022)

Annual Report 2022 | The 20th Anniversary of the OR Movement 28 OR MOVEMENT TIMELINE 2002-2022 Establishment of the Information Center for the Negev & the Galilee Establishment of the towns Givo't Bar & Eliav Establishment of the OR Movement Establishment of METZUDOT for projects in the Negev & the Galilee GOVERNMENT DECISIONS OR Movement Major Milestones AWARDS A decision to Establish the town of Tzukim 2002 President’s Volunteer Award First decision for the National Plan for the Southern Negev Establishment of Sansana (1999) and Merhav Am (2001) Resolution for the establishment of the towns Merhav Am, Be'er Milka, Harob HaGalil and Vishachar, Ramat Arbel, Michal, Kasif 1999-2001 2003 2005 2004 The establishment of Carmit Finished the expansion of 14 communities in the Galilee The first economic conference in the Negev Decision to promote the newly established towns of Hiran & Mitzpe Ilan Decision to create the Visitor's Center for relocation Decision to adopt a new national plan for IDF camp relocation to the Negev Establishment of the World Leadership Council (WLC) Yigal Alon Prize for Pioneering Excellence Decision to examine the new towns/ villages in the Negev (Diya, Neve Daniel, Eshel HaNasi, Shelach, Nitzanit, Neve Gurion) Establishment of the 'Gateway to the Negev' Visitor's Center 2017 Formation of the "Israel 2048" Vision 2016 2013 2012 2015 2014

29 Annual Report 2022 | The 20th Anniversary of the OR Movement The re-establishment of Retamim Har Amasa becomes a community-based town The Calcalist conference with Prof. Nouriel Roubini Establishment of the periphery lobby in the Knesset Establishment of a center for communities in the Galilee Establishment of the permanent town of Beer Milka & Mitzpe Ilan Starting work In the cities of the Negev and the Galilee Second decision for the National Plan for the Southern Negev Establishment of Hiran Opening of EMC in the Negev Andrea Bocelli concert in Masada Prime Minister’s Award for Innovation & Entrepreneurship Knesset Speaker’s Award for Quality of Life Establish the region of Mevo'ot Arad 2011 2010 2009 2007 2006 2008 The development of the "Medina Le'Mofet" project Development of the "Equitable Cities" initiative for 4 cities The recruitment of 29,000 volunteers for the project 'One Heart' during COVID-19 Decision to establish a cross-tribal Beduin community in the Negev Decision to establish a new town in the Sdot Negev Regional Council area Establishing the permanent town of Dror Freedom of the City Award from Ofakim A program to encourage demographic growth and sustainable economic development for neighborhoods in the eastern Negev region Development of a new neighborhoodliving model called "Communihoods" 8,000,000 Residents of the Negev & the Galilee Decision to establish the new town of Kfar Shiluv 2048 2021 2020 2022 2019 2018

Annual Report 2022 | The 20th Anniversary of the OR Movement 30 The General Assembly and Board of Directors is composed of exemplary opinion leaders in various fields. These leaders constantly challenge our thought-processes and actions and contribute their time and experience to help realize the vision of the OR Movement. Our World Leadership Council is made up of visionary leaders and partners who support our actions through partnership across every area of our operation and for every project we execute GENERAL ASSEMBLY AND BOARD OF DIRECTORS WORLD LEADERSHIP COUNCIL WLC WORLD LEADERSHIP COUNCIL OR MOVEMENT World Leadership Council Shlomo was a dear friend, partner, donor, and investor. He opened his heart to find solutions for the new generation of pioneers in the Negev and the Galilee. We thank Shlomo and his family for their dedication to the state of Israel and the Jewish peoplehood. May he rest in peace. In Memory of Shlomo Tisser 1951-2022 Harry Bloomfield Raya Strauss Ben-Dror Gary DeBode Sam Delug Yigal Dimri Michael Eisenberg Wendy Fisher Martin Franklin Paula Gottesman David Millstone David Moore David Morris Edmond Safra Jeff Schwartz Danny Ungar Drorit Wertheim Robert Wiener Mark Wilf Moshe Greenberg David Halpern Murray Halpern Victoria Hearst Effie Hershkovich Igal Jusidman Doron Livnat Richard Mack Jeremy Halpern Shmuel Ben-Dror Businessman and philanthropist Ilan Cohen Entrepreneur, CEO & former Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Talia Glantz Honorary Consul of the Bahamas and former businesswoman Uzi Habshush CEO of the Economic Company for the Development of the Negev Plateau Effie Hershkovich Businessman and philanthropist Ron Luzinski Business Automation Consultant Erez Meltzer Chairman of the Board of Hadassah and Chairman of MIS Sharona Mizrahi Human Resources Manager, Blumberg Capital Recruitment & Capital Strategy Bat-Sheva Moshe GM of Wix Israel Emi Palmor Former Director General of the Ministry of Justice and Council Member of the Facebook Oversight Board Steven Reiter Technological Entrepreneur Gili Tamir Brigadier General, businessman & philanthropist Danny Ungar Businessman and philanthropist Drorit Wertheim Businesswoman and philanthropist

31 Annual Report 2022 | The 20th Anniversary of the OR Movement Abbi & Jeremy Halpern Batsheva & Murray Halpern Gladis Halpern Sharon & David Halpern Effie Hershkovich Chris & Richard Mack David Millstone Lori & David Moore Yan Piskunov Steven Reiter The late Yael and Micha Taubman The late Shlomo Tisser Jane & Mark Wilf Melanie & Arthur Wrubel Edmund de Rothschild Foundation Morris Family Foundation Mack Ness Fund Israel Atelef Raya Strauss Ben-Dror & Shmuel Ben-Dror Yasmin Bino Wendy Fisher Jane & Ishaia Gol Lonny Herzikovich Alan Howard Cecil Joel Neil Kadisha Gloria Kaylie Yair Karu Warren Lichtenstein Marian & Doron Livnat David Michan Esther Mueller & Ben Wieder Damien Orev Shelley & Joseph Paradis Prof. Nouriel Roubini Debbie & Jeff Schwartz Mara & Jeff Talpins Ronald Thor Jennifer & Scott Tobin Manny Weiss Alan Winehouse John Baumgardner Foundation Jusidman Foundation Levy Family Foundation Merage Fund Jewish National Fund Nico Foundation Robert Russell Foundation The Jewish Federation of New York A Special Thanks to our Partners in 2022 Iris & Yigal Dimri Yaffa & Michael Eisenberg Martin & Julie Franklin Archie Gottesman & Gary DeBode Paula Gottesman Abbie & Moshe Greenberg Victoria Hearst Chella Safra & Family Mariel & Edmond Safra Ongi & Danny Ungar Drorit Wertheim Sherry & Robert Wiener Kirsch Foundation Menomadin Foundation Schusterman Foundation Vision Innovation Action

Annual Report 2022 | The 20th Anniversary of the OR Movement 32 Data includes an estimate for the month of December (2022). The annual summary data is based on the audit/balance sheet. The income includes donations received from Israel and all around the world. 15% Development & Headquarters $690,511 16% Awareness & Marketing $748,062 5% Partnerships, Resources & Government Affairs $237,028 Resources $4,802,000 Philanthropy $4,483,428 93% 2% Earned income $89,714 5% Government $228,857 Usage $4,685,392 'The Lab for the Future of Israel' $1,062,340 23% 30% Relocation $1,392,648 The Information Center for the Negev & Galilee $251,794 5% The 'Gateway to the Negev' Visitor's Center 6% The total expenses in 2022 are for activities and projects directly carried out by the organization. Additionally, we helped steward $57 million of funds towards projects and the development of infrastructures, towns, and OR Communities BUDGET

33 Annual Report 2022 | The 20th Anniversary of the OR Movement IMPACT - OR Movement The impact components of OR Movement activity Economic Impact through 2022 Economic Impact through 2048 *The calculated impact of the OR movement is before additional activity in the following years. $69,798,485,000 one-time investment for government decisions and tenders $954,546,000 - - $1,983,333,000 $6,760,300,000 DEMOGRAPHIC GROWTH Establishing towns & cities Strengthening towns Expanding existing cities National Information Center for the Negev & the Galilee $286,970,000 ECONOMIC GROWTH Strategic planning for the cities of the Negev & the Galilee Establishing economic anchors (R&D, Innovation Centers, Training, etc.) The Business Information Center Initiatives for economic growth one-time investment for community buildings $50,607,000 COMMUNITY GROWTH Creating leadership in neighborhoods Promoting programs and projects Constructing public and community buildings Promoting urban renewal POLICY & GOVERNANCE Promoting government decisions Influencing government budgets Verifying the implementation of government decisions Adjusting regulations conducted an analysis to measure the impact of the OR Movement (2002-2022) The impact of the OR Movement on national income in the Negev and Galilee through 2048 2022 2030 2040 2048 $516B $264B National income including the impact of the OR Movement National income without the impact of the OR Movement 2002 $71.8B Total impact of the OR Movement Investment of the OR Movement Residents of the Negev and Galilee 2048 2002 1,600,000 2022 2,300,000 8,000,000 2040 5,500,000 2030 3,500,000 $122M $30B $7.3B $52M x245 $ 0 $54.5B X141

Annual Report 2022 | The 20th Anniversary of the OR Movement 34 Jeremy Halpern, Sam Delug, and Alan Howard at the WLC members event for the OR Movement Martin Franklin, Martin Abramson, Dov Litvinoff, Julie Franklin, Annabel Franklin, the late President Shimon Peres, and Ofir Fisher with Andrea Bocelli Economics Prof. Nouriel Roubini declares that "the Negev and the Galilee are the best investment" at the Calcalist magazine forecasting event in Tel-Aviv Raya Strauss Ben-Dror and Shmuel Ben-Dror at the meeting for partners and supporters of the OR Movement The late President Shimon Peres at the relocation conference in the Galilee The Minister of Finance in a meeting with representatives for the "Gottesman Laboratory for the Future of Israel" WLC Members of the OR Movement touring the Yerucham crater (Steven Hirth, Ruth Morris, Liz Pushet, Victoria Hearst, Alan Howard, Shmuel Ben-Dror, and Cecil Joell) The Bank of Israel Governor, Prof. Stanley Fisher and Roni Hizkiyahu, the Accountant General visiting the OR Movement offices Doron Almog, Chairman of the Jewish Agency, Yaakov Hagoel, Chairman of the World Zionist Organization, and Roni Flamer, CEO and co-founder of the OR Movement celebrate the 125th anniversary of the first Zionist Congress at Basel 20 years of world-wide partnerships and support

35 Annual Report 2022 | The 20th Anniversary of the OR Movement Leonardo Farkash at the launch of the park in memory of Hadar Goldin, Liel Gideoni, and Benaya Sarel (Sansana) OR Movement receives the Prime Minister's Award for Innovation and Entrepreneurship MK Benny Gantz and MK Michael Biton on a tour of the OR Movement’s ‘Gateway to the Negev’ visitor’s center Ofir Fisher, co-founder of the OR Movement receives the Knesset Speaker's Award for quality of life Yoav Galant (former Minister of Construction and Housing) celebrates Israel's independence with the OR Movement and signs on to the "Israel 2048" vision (New York, 2018) Planting the Jusidman forest in Carmit with Daniel Jusidman, Igal Jusidman, and their family Hosting Ron Lauder and the late Zeev Kahanov in the Negev Mariel and Edmond Safra at the WLC members event for the OR Movement 20 years of world-wide partnerships and support

Annual Report 2022 | The 20th Anniversary of the OR Movement 36 The Retamim Community enjoying a moment of peace The community of Beer Milka, the 3rd town established by the OR Movement Givo't Bar, the 5th town established by the OR Movement Eliav, the 4th town established by the OR Movement The Partners of Eliav community Building infrastructure for the town of Carmit Donors help cultivate the land for a new town in the Negev 20 years of developing the Negev and the Galilee

37 Annual Report 2022 | The 20th Anniversary of the OR Movement Carmit, the 7th town established by the OR Movement Dror, the 8th town established by the OR Movement Har Amasa, the rejuvenation of the town Sansana, the 1st town established by the OR Movement Mitzpe Ilan, the 6th town established by the OR Movement Merhav Am, the 2nd town established by the OR Movement The Merhav Am community The development of 500 lots for the town of Carmit 20 years of developing the Negev and the Galilee

Annual Report 2022 | The 20th Anniversary of the OR Movement 38 The "Israel 2048" vision conference with Adiel Shomron, CEO of Rami, Emi Palmor, Director General of the Ministry of Justice, Avi Simhon, Chairman of the National Economic Council OR Movement partners with the student union at the National Youth Conference The Exemplary State Investment Committee (Israel Danzinger, former high-tech entrepreneur and CEO, CEO of the Ministry of Defense/ Michael Eisenberg, Founder and Managing Partner of the Aleph Foundation/ Mor Barzani, Director of the Corporate and Governance Division, office of the President of the State of Israel/ Dr. Merav Galili, CEO of the Menomadin Foundation/ Elior Bar, Executive Director of the Lab for the Future of Israel, OR Movement/ Roni Flamer, CEO and Co-founder of the OR Movement/ Yuval Blinky, Clinical Psychologist Guide, Chairman of the Professional Committee for Clinical Psychology, The Ministry of Health/ Liran Amar, Technical Supply Chain Manager at SodaStream, Social Activist in the Ramat Shaked neighborhood in Ofakim/ Dr. Muhammad Al-Nabari, CEO of the Yanabia Organization) The “Israel 2048” partners conference, the Centennial Plan OR Movement tries to bring comfort to the heartbroken communities of the abducted IDF Soldiers Roni Flamer presents the "Israel 2048" vision at the gala for the 125th anniversary of the first Zionist Congress The OR Movement Information Center in action at the national relocation conference (4,000 participants) The conference for the expansion of towns surrounding the Gaza envelope (300 attendees) 20 years of developing the Negev and the Galilee