2048 Partners Meeting


50 government officials, professionals, and key leaders in the fields of environment, transportation, housing, employment planning and more participated in the second 2048 Partners Meeting led by OR Movement. These professionals hail from all areas who don't generally have the opportunity to sit and meet together to plan.

The meeting was met with much enthusiasm and the partners have been essential in refining and developing the vision.

7 Inspiring Lessons 2017 Brought Us

1. Mitzpeh Ilan Builds First Homes

Mitzpeh Ilan was established in the Galilee by OR Movement in 2013, and named in memory of Israel's first astronaut, Ilan Roman, who passed away in the fatal Columbia mission. In 2005 the first families moved into a neighborhood of temporary housing in Mitzpeh Ilan, which today is home to 90 families. After 13 years of planning and dreaming, in 2017 the community of Mitzpeh Ilan began to build their first real homes.

Thank you to our primary partners in this project: The Ministry of Housing, KKL – Israel, Menashe Regional Council, the Chativah Lehityashvut, and Roneh Ramon, the esteemed widow of Ilan Ramon.

A birds-eye view of Mitzpeh Ilan, with it's new neighborhood ready for the construction of homes to begin.


2. Schunat HaPark Comes Alive

While many young people choose to move to the center of Israel in search of better opportunities, over 160 young families, the majority native to Ofakim, decided to build their utopia right where they were. The young group gathered together as a community to make their hometown more beautiful, and build their homes in a new neighborhood of Ofakim, called "Shchunat HaPark."

Thank you to Itzik Danino, the mayor of Ofakim, for being a real visionary for his city.

A group meeting of the first young families to build their homes in Shchunat HaPark.


3. Barkai Collective Impact for Ofakim

In an unprecedented move, over forty organizations and activists in Ofakim began to work together to raise the local quality of life. No more overlapping or falling through the cracks; now everyone in Ofakim is working together, as a collective, called "Barkai Collective Impact." The collective mapped out all the needs and goals for the city, created teams, and began to get stuff done with the efficiency of a real dream team.

Thank you to our primary partners in this project: The Municipality of Ofakim, the Ness Fund of The Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ, and anonymous.


4. Carmit Becomes Home to 100 Families

The new community of Carmit passed the 100 family milestone, and proved that their strength is not just in numbers; it's in the way each member reaches out to help the whole. The new neighbors are known to lend a helping hand, volunteer often, organize community events, and always keep the less fortunate in mind.

Thank you to our primary partners in this project: KKL – Israel, JNF – USA, the Municipality of Meitar, the Jewish Agency, the Ministry of Construction, the Israel Lands Authority, the Ministry of Development of the Negev and the Galilee, the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, KKL – Spain, The Jewish Federation of Palm Springs and the Desert Areas, The Iranian Jewish Federation of New York, Robert and Shirley Levitt, the Jusidman Family, and various private donors.


5. Kibbutz Sufa Grows

Sufa, a small and traumatized kibbutz on Israel’s border with Gaza was at risk of depopulation. Many members had moved away, tired of the conflict and mortar fire. But no one had dared move in – it all sounded too scary! This year, five brave families joined the Kibbutz and came to love their new home. A pre-military academy was established, and a courageous 41 students moved in, and got to work inspiring their fellow kibbutz friends.

Thank you to our primary partners in this project: Kibbutz Sufa, Ein Prat Academy, JNF-UK, ICA in Israel.


6. Nachal Oz Rises Up

Kibbutz Nachal Oz is located right on the border with Gaza, and has experienced much trauma through the past years of conflict. OR Movement has been helping the kibbutz recover and grow its population, ever since the conflict of 2014.

The kibbutz recently began a new program, "Students for Nachal Oz," which hosts young student volunteers on the kibbutz, who may one day choose to become permanent members and raise their future families in the cozy community they learned to love. In August, the students were hit with tragedy: their classmate and good friend, Nir Gavili suddenly passed away. After a period of mourning the young group decided to rise up and dedicate a Youth Club in Nir's memory.

 Thank you to our primary partners in this project: Kibbutz Nachal Oz, and the Ness Fund of the Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest New Jersey.

Students in Nachal Oz paint the walls of the new Youth Club.


7. The Negev Visitors Center Inspires the Future

This year we opened the doors to our brand new Negev Visitors Center, a hands-on, high-tech museum showcasing the Negev's future.  Thousands of visitors were inspired to build their future, after witnessing its potential firsthand.

Thank you to our primary partners in this project: The Prime Minister's Office, The Ministry for the Development of the Negev and Galilee, The Ministry of Education, The Ministry of Housing,  KKL – Israel, JNF – USA,  ICA in Israel, and the Jack Chester Foundation.

Visitors exploring the cultural life of the Negev, in an exhibit.


Thank you to all of our partners and supporters who brought us this far.

Inspire our end of the year campaign!

Donate to 15 children at-risk in Shlomi, click here.

From the Runways in New York City to the Negev Desert

NEW YORK, Sept. 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — "The young talented designers, Matan Shaked and Aviad Arik Herman brought a fresh and vivacious energy to NYFW. Also including Keren Wolf, the Picasso of jewelry, with her unusual scale and placement of art on a woman's body. The show was exotic and spectacular." Nole Marin, former judge of America's Next Top Model.

Fashion Week kicked off with "Desert Flower" runway. Hosted by OR Movement and Tahor Group, the runway show showcased fashion designers from the Negev desert in Israel, Matan Shaked and Aviad Arik Herman, with jewelry by Keren Wolf. The exclusive event took place on the 23rd floor of 666 Fifth Ave. The evening included multiple cocktail parties and a 40-minute runway show. A-list attendees from Project Runway, Love and Hip Hop and The Real Housewives of New York along with top fashion editors, bloggers and socialites were amongst the 400 guests. The event delivered an "out-of-the-box" presentation by OR Movement as an organization celebrating its important work of developing the Negev and Galilee.

The OR Movement is a leading Israel-based organization, dedicated to the development of the Negev and Galilee, together consisting of 75% of Israel's undisputed territory; to date, OR has established nine new towns, helped more than 40,000 people relocate to these areas and won multiple awards given by the president, the Prime Minister and the spokesman of the Israeli parliament.

"We always strive to give our clients unique ways to market their brands during an oversaturated NYFW. This time the collaborations of these three designers continue our efforts to bring magnificent talent from Israel to US." Tahor Group.

Keren Wolf's jewelry designs have recently graced the lips of Kylie Jenner for V magazine and several A-list celebrities, winning the coveted award of Jewelry Designer of the year 2017 in Israel. Matan Shaked is amongst the youngest fashion designers in Israel. He has been named by fashion influencers "The Wonder Boy of the Fashion World." His creative journey started at the heart of the desert in the Negev and continued with his summer collection 2018, affectionately titled Desert Flower.

The finale dress was designed by promising young Israeli designer Aviad Arik Herman, best known for his "Jerusalem of Gold" gown, which caused an uproar of publicity at Cannes Film Festival in 2017. The final dress at this week's Desert Flower Runway combines authentic Bedouin elements with western touches by Herman, creating a symbolic cultural bridge for the region. The event as a whole and the final dress in particular brought new aspects of the region to New York, and tried to alter the perception of Israel through the lens of beauty and fashion. "This event is a platform for new ideas and a new approach to how different communities and cultures should join hands," said Roni Flamer & Ofir Fisher, the Founders of the OR Movement.

"We come with love to all the people living in Israel. We believe the communities need to find all the possible ways to live with each other, prosper and be financially, socially and religiously independent, next each other. Although we know it is hard to accomplish and is filled with endless challenges. This is the Rosh Hashana goal for all."


List of Sponsors:

Custom By W
Jonathan Cohen
Elliot Wicentowsky
Michael Wicentowsky
Catskills Distilling Company
Madame Paulette
Awesome TV
My Jam TV
Boulder Kids
Samba Energy
Beacon Capital
Baobob Group
The Algemeiner
Off the Cuff by Mimi Roth
Marc Bennett
Lori and David Moore
Kim Heyman
Tates Cookies
Arnie and Hanna Mazur

Media Contact:

Tobi Rubinstein

Hatikva Event – New York, April 21, 2017

On Thursday, May 27th, 2017, distinguished guests attended a glamorous event held by the American Friends of OR Movement at the Russian Tea Room in New York City with more than 140 patrons, including the Board members and our World Leadership Council.

The evening began with an impressive cocktail party that included cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, a silent auction, a seated dinner, and a live auction for some of New York’s most successful supporters. Following the cocktail hour, Israeli supermodel Adi Neumann moderated an emotional and inspiring program.

The show was highlighted by a spectacular musical performance from renowned pianist Dr. Astrith Baltsan, of her famed composition Hatikvah: Hope Reborn, based on revolutionary research that delves into the surprising storied history and significance of Israel's national anthem.

A fitting piece, characterizing the message and reason behind the establishment of the OR Movement. Ofir Fisher, Vice President of OR, addressed the crowd conveying the OR Movement mission of hope and opportunity for the young generation and for Israel to grow in a healthy and sustainable way through the development of the Negev and Galilee.

How these Small Israeli Cities are Changing the Game

Everyone agrees; Israel needs to wean off its Tel Aviv addiction. It's time to stop cramping in one extremely densely populated spot, and spread out. Israel is about to go through a huge population surge, so it's especially urgent that this happen now.

Meanwhile, in the Negev and Galilee, there are small cities that are desperate to grow – and have loads of space to do so! Some of these cities have been stuck for decades, watching as all their talented and accomplished youth leave for Tel Aviv, seeing a better future for themselves in the big city. But what if they'd all stay? And what if more promising young people would choose to spread into Negev and Galilee cities? The truth is, quality of life is way higher in the more spacious areas, where a large family home is affordable, and children have space to safely run around and enjoy nature.

When done right, building beautiful new neighborhoods in Negev and Galilee cities is a win-win for everyone. The country's center is less crowded, the newcomers can afford a better quality of life, and the entire city gets lifted up right along with them. At OR Movement, we're helping many of these cities build new neighborhoods – and most importantly, we're helping to bring the right people. We want motivated people who believe their city can be the best place to live, and will put in the effort to make it so. Bringing the right pioneers will get the ball rolling – they'll start a positive growth in their cities that just keeps going. The right people can lift a city from the bottom up.

Many of these people come from the city itself – that young talent that would otherwise move out, when empowered to stay, know exactly how to help their city improve – because they grew up there. Then there are those who left, but later realized that their hometown actually has the greatest potential, and they're ready to help bring it out with their new experiences. Combined them with newcomers who are inspired by Zionistic ideals and want to build a better Israel, and we have the perfect team. These are the people who will build better communities in Israel, and spread the socioeconomic sustainability to all of Israel's corners.

Ofakim and Sefad are two Negev and Galilee cities who realize this strategy, and are changing the game of urban development.


Ofakim: Build the People First


Ofakim is known as one of the most socially disadvantaged cities in Israel. Established in 1955 by immigrants from Morocco and Tunisia, the city found itself continuously overwhelmed with influxes of refugees from North Africa, and a lack of appropriate education and absorption facilities. At first, most of the population survived through their employment in the textile industry. In the 1980s, the city entered a crisis as all the factories shut their doors and relocated to countries with lower labor costs, rendering much of the city unemployed. Then, while the residents were still struggling with the lack of employment and education, the 90s brought a large amount of soviet refugees, creating a tense battle over the few jobs available.

In 1997, the city had the highest unemployment rate in Israel, at 15.3%. Today, the second generation is suffering the consequences of their neglected history. The average Ofakim student fails school, and only a third gain acceptance to university. The population survives on minimum wages, and sees no hope for their future. Most of the youth desert the city in search of something better. To top it off, Ofakim is just 14 miles from the Gaza border, the community has suffered deep trauma over the last years of conflict; lives were lost, infrastructure damaged, and the people disheartened.

But that's all changing, fast. Ofakim is beginning to see some promising new developments, such as a new train station to bring commuters to work in Tel Aviv; a Collective Impact project bringing organizations to work together on improving Ofakim's quality of life; renovations of a scenic river park through the city’s new center; and their enthusiastic new mayor, Itzik Danino, who has done much work to raise the city’s quality of life and education standards.

This all makes Ofakim the perfect spot for a beautiful new neighborhood called "Park Neighborhood," which will be ideal for young families who work along the train line, or in the nearby industrial parks. The neighborhood will be right next to the new river park, and include all the ideal community infrastructure. Upon completion, "Park Neighborhood" will total over 1,155 private homes, 200 studio apartments and assisted living units, and 50 commercial units – all totaling an estimate of over 6,000 residents. This will increase Ofakim's population by 24%.

But this neighborhood isn't just about constructing houses: it's about bringing the right people together. Here's where the municipality of Ofakim, together with OR Movement, is switching things up. Even before construction is complete, and long before anyone moves in, the future residents are becoming a strong community, empowered to bring positive energy to the city.

This past month, OR Movement and the city of Ofakim co-hosted an event for the future residents of the neighborhood's first phase of 161 homes. Ahead of the event, each resident received a personal welcome letter from the Mayor of Ofakim, along with a map listing their future neighbors. At the event, the enthusiastic attendees signed up for community volunteer positions. Soon, they will begin planning community events with the city, even before moving in.

Future residents of Ofakim pose next to the plans for the "Park Neighborhood"

We're excited about Ofakim's bright future, and the incredible people working to bring it alive. There's no doubt that one day it will be a popular city for high quality of life.


Sefad: Ready to Grow

The future neighborhood of Mitzpeh Yamim in Safed, as seen from above.

The ancient city of Safed has always been known for its mystical qualities, but not quite for financial success. Its unemployment rate is twice the national average, and so is its population growth rate. Over a quarter of city residents receive social welfare assistance. Beautiful Sefad has been struggling for too long – now its time to achieve socioeconomic sustainability

Over a year ago we began working with the city of Safed on plans for a new neighborhood called "Mitzpeh Yamim." The neighborhood is named for the breathtaking view residents will enjoy; from the local hilltops, both the Sea of the Galilee, and the Mediterranean Sea can be seen.

OR Movement committed to branding and marketing the neighborhood, specifically to attract a target audience of idealistic young professionals who will contribute to the economy of Safed, and build an attractive community.

In helping Negev and Galilee cities to grow, sometimes our job is to define the challenges and provide the talent and manpower to solve them.

More recently, the city relayed to us their struggle in gathering the interest of quality investors and contractors in the neighborhood – two attempts at events were met with empty rooms. Our marketing team stepped in and began calling the country's best in real estate development. We booked a conveniently located event hall in Herzliya, and designed impressive invitations. We had to work extra hard to move the professionals past the notion that there's no money in Sefad, and to see it's promising future instead.

As an incentive to the contractors, we worked with the Ministry of Housing and Construction to improve the "Machir Lemishtaken" project conditions for the contractors (the project provides subsidies to contractors in certain areas, on condition of price caps when selling to first-time buyers). The neighborhood will now be highly cost-effective to both the contractors and residents alike.

The event was held on the 23rd of October, with a packed room, filled with the best contractors, entrepreneurs, and investors. Ilan Shohat, the Mayor of Safed, and Housing Ministry Senior Department Manager, Benny Dreyfus, and Galilee Director Shlomo Feivlovitch gave impressive presentations, with slides prepared and designed by our OR Movement marketing team, displaying the neighborhood's exciting opportunities.

An impressive audience of Israel's best contractors and entrepreneurs filled the room.

Everyone was impressed. The message was clear: Sefad is ready to grow.

Together we're building the future of Israel.


To help us bring pioneers to the Negev and Galilee, donate here.

Mission: Sufa

Mission: Strengthen Negev border communities.

Location: Kibbutz Sufa, 2.7km from Gaza border crossing.

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Conditions: The privatized kibbutz boasts a firm economy and warm community atmosphere. Unfortunately, close proximity to Gaza makes them an easy target for rockets and deadly mortar shells. Even in quiet times, these attacks occur monthly.

Situation: Due to security fears, many young families have left the kibbutz. In addition, as the community grows older, the younger, new generation are choosing to live in more central locations.

Action Plan One: Market community to attract young families with a pioneering spirit.

Results: Six young families moved in to Sufa during the summer of 2017. In addition to the significant increase of young population, this brought uplifted spirits and hope for the community’s future.

Community members gather around a picnic to welcome the new families to Sufa.

Action Plan Two: Plant strong roots for the future, by establishing a local preparatory academy to train social leaders, and encourage them to use their leadership skills in the local border communities.

The Dream Team: We partnered with Kibbutz Sufa, Ein Prat Academy, JNF-UK, ICA in Israel, and other visionaries, to establish the Ein Prat Academy of Young Social Leadership in Kibbutz Sufa. The academy was dedicated in memory of IDF soldier Hadar Goldin, whose life was taken protecting border communities during Operation Protective Edge, and who exemplified the ideals that the academy imparts.

Students of the academy fixing up the dorms, made up of homes which were abandoned for many years.
Students of the academy preparing the campus garden.
Students of the academy building shelves for their classrooms.

Results: In just a few short months, the facilities, faculty, and students were all in place! On August 2, 2017, the academy opened its doors to the first 41 students. The future is bright.


Do you believe in strengthening Israel's border communities? Together we can do it! Please share this post with your friends!

Negev Communities on Fire

Western Negev communities along the Gaza border are facing a type of attack that is unlike anywhere else in the world.  For the past 4 months, flaming kites, incendiary balloons, and explosive condoms have been scorching huge areas of farmland and wildlife. The communities in the area are dealing with the daily threat of their homes under siege. The animals in the area, unfortunately, have no place to run and can't escape fast enough. 

Many border communities are affected from Kerem Shalom and Sufa to Yad Mordechai and Karmia, throughout the western Negev up to 20 kilometers from the border. This week, the first incendiary balloons reached all the way to the city of Be'er Sheva, 40km from the Gaza border. 
Batia Holin, Kfar Aza Resident (Gaza border community) & retired OR Movement employee, has been documenting the attacks since the beginning through Facebook posts, photography, and videos giving updates on day-to-day life there.
Sources on the ground estimate more than 1,500 fires destroying 40,000 dunams (nearly 10,000 acres) of land, including wildlife reserves.
The communities try to maintain their daily routines as much as they can. The farmers continue to work, but in addition to their daily work, they have now become firefighters as well. The parents and staff are working hard this summer to give children the freedom and safety to have a fun and normal summer vacation, but many have resorted to sleeping in the bomb shelter rooms in their homes and keeping kids inside due to poor air quality and the concern of new and continuing fires.
Photo Credits: Batia Holin
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Despite this cruel new method of terrorism, the communities with many families from all parts of Israel sent a message of peace by sending a few thousand balloons across the border.

October – a Month of Missions

It’s been a Month of Missions

October was definitely a month of missions. There’s nothing like witnessing firsthand where your support is going, and that’s why we’re so glad we got to bring many of our friends on missions around the Negev and Galilee this past month.

The friends who came…


We welcomed two Family Missions, the Halpern family from New Jersey, and the Menashe family from England. Family Missions are an excellent way to share experiences and discussions between the generations.

Martin Franklin and his friend Lance Armstrong led a VIP Mission of family and friends. The group took a few days to travel VIP style from one end of Israel to the other, getting an in-depth look at the full picture.

We were also pleased to welcome the Ruderman family on a mission in honor of their son’s Bar Mitzvah. Bar or Bat Mitzvah Missions create a powerful connection with Israel’s future that your child will always remember.

Over the holidays, several representatives of our partner foundations and federations from around the world came on Missions, to learn what’s new in the Negev and Galilee, and how their partnership is bringing Israel's future to life.


The things they saw…


On their Negev and Galilee Missions, our friends took many different stops. They stopped in Sansana, to see where the movement all began; in Carmit to witness a town rise out of the desert; in Nachal Oz to experience life right on the Gaza border; in Bedouin communities to meet a new generation of pioneers and innovators; in our headquarters to meet the people behind the scenes; in our new Negev Visitors Center to test out the exhibits before our launch; and in many more sites where the future of Israel is being born.


Now it’s your turn!

Now we’d like to invite you to come join us on a mission. See where your support goes, and what it’s been accomplishing in the Negev and Galilee. Be a firsthand witness to the future of Israel!

We added a new informative page to our website, to invite all of our friends and supporters to join us on Negev and Galilee Missions. Take a look and let us know what you’d like to see. Fill out the form and we'll help you plan your mission!

[button link="https://ormovement.org/missions" color="darkgray" size="large" type="" shape="" target="_self" title="" gradient_colors="|" gradient_hover_colors="|" accent_color="" accent_hover_color="" bevel_color="" border_width="1px" border_color="" border_hover_color="" shadow="" icon="" icon_divider="yes" icon_position="left" modal="" animation_type="0" animation_direction="down" animation_speed="0.1" class="" id=""]Go On a Mission![/button]


Solving a Finite Problem to Build Peace and Security in Israel

By Eric Matheson

Originally published on the Wexner Foundation Blog.

In the months leading up to the start of my Wexner Heritage experience (Boca Raton 07), I had multiple talks with alumni, who encouraged me to make the most of this remarkable gift from Les and Abigail and our community.  I remember several amazing and inspirational interactions, but none more than in Tel Aviv just before the first Summer Institute with WIF Alum Gidi Grinstein (Class 13).  Gidi impressed upon me his belief that we can truly make a difference on a scale that I had not imagined.  What I remember most about our time together was not only how he described the Wexner experience and our alumni network, but the responsibility he felt it brought to his life and to what he did afterward.

Fast forward nearly a decade and much has happened.  Gidi founded REUT, Israel 15 and wrote an amazing book, while I moved to Israel with my family for four amazing years, which gave me the opportunity to strategically take a sabbatical from leadership in the Jewish philanthropic world and the opportunity to look for the next big thing and the chance to make a difference.

It was another great day when I met Ofir Fisher, co-founder of the OR Movement, whom I have known for more than a decade now.  Over time we have become good friends and I have been wanting to help him and OR much more than I have been able — until now.  OR’s mission is straight forward, achievable and critical to Israel: To bring the Negev and Galilee to their full inherent potential in terms of population, social structure, economy and infrastructure and to become thriving centers of population and catalysts for Israel’s national growth.  While Ofir and his team have made remarkable progress in a short period of time, the clock is ticking as Israel continues to face severe overcrowding and economic challenges: Israel’s population is expected to double and reach 16 million people by 2048.

Recently Ofir asked me to help him build his "American Friends of" organization here in the US.  The goals are significant but achievable.  How many times do you get a chance to help solve a finite problem during your lifetime, one that can help to build and preserve peace and security for Israel?  I think I am on the right track. Yesterday I sent invites to a series of parlor meetings for OR here in NYC and the Tri-State area.

The most enthusiastic response came from Gidi, of all people: “Congratulations for this great connection between two friends.  The OR Movement is just phenomenal.” This confirms something I believe to be more true every day — when it comes to the Jewish people, nothing in life is a coincidence.

As you may know, OR means “light” in Hebrew.  Orly, my wife’s name, means “my light.”  The OR Movement could be our light.  I would welcome the opportunity to hear from you to discuss.

Eric MathesonEric Matheson, WHP Alum (Boca Raton 07), is Senior Wealth Director for BNY Mellon Wealth Management, based in New York, specializing in serving the unique needs of current and retired business owners and executives and their families in the United States and globally, including in Israel.  Eric has been active in Israel Bonds, Jewish Federation, the Jewish National Fund, Leket, Israel’s National Food Bank and the OR Movement.  Eric and his family reside in Englewood, New Jersey and he can be reached at ericjmatheson@gmail.com.

Starting Off the Year with Awareness!

  1. It is the people who bring the Negev & Galilee to life. By spreading awareness, we are sparking a grassroots movement, guaranteed to succeed.

Let's catch up! These past couple of months have been full of spreading awareness and exciting projects! We are off to a great start this new year and we are excited to share with you what we have been up to.

A Taste of the Action

Gateway to the Negev Visitors Center Trial Run 


We have been running trials in preparation for the grand opening of the Gateway to the Negev Visitors Center. The Visitors Center is a one-stop shop located in the Bloomfield Gateway to the Negev center in the Old City of Be'er Sheva, which brings the opportunities of the Negev to light. The center is a unique attraction with innovative technological displays, experiential and interactive activities, and exciting data boards with live updates from a variety of fields.

The entrance of the museum begins outside in our Negev Garden, which is available to host various events, while the center provides an entertaining and enjoyable experience, that also fills the much-needed gap in educating people about the Negev.

So far we have had 1,270 visitors tour the new center, and we have received extremely positive feedback. Our goal is to have 10,000 visitors this year, with an estimated 30% increase each year. We hope to have our grand opening to the public in the upcoming few weeks. Additionally to our opening of the center, we have created exciting custom themed tours, such as art, history, entrepreneurship, etc. around the Negev incorporated with the Visitors Center.

We would like to take this moment to thank our partners who generously supported the establishment of the Bloomfield Gateway to the Negev and the Visitors Center: Keren Kayemet LeIsrael, Jewish National Fund – USA, Harry and Nancy Bloomfield, The Eldee Foundation, Sam Delug, Glenn and Vivian Grossman, Stephen and Sandy Muss, Raya and Shmuel Strauss Ben Dror, The Halpern Family, The Jack Chester Foundation, ICA in Israel, The Doris Pacey Charitable Foundation, The Jewish Federation of Palm Spring and Desert Area, the Jewish National Fund – UK, The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor Allocations Committee, The Ministry of Development of the Negev and Galilee, The Ministry of Constructions and Housing, The Prime Minister's Office – National Heritage Program, and The Ministry of Education, and many more.

We are having open days for anyone who wants to come visit the center, March 10th and March 24th. If you are interested in visiting the center or coming on one of our unique a tours, please Contact us.

Barkai Collective Impact Off to Incredible Start in Ofakim

Barkai Collective Impact is a new, and revolutionary project, led by OR Movement.
This project was created to resolve an important obstacle for urban growth. There are an incredible amount of NGOs working to improve the quality of life in Negev and Galilee cities, however they lack infrastructure for collaboration, which leads to the groups often overlapping and providing excessive attention to one area of needs, while another area ends up completely neglected. At the same time, the local municipal authorities are overwhelmed with important needs, and under-supplied with human resources, time, and budgets.

Barkai Collective Impact brings everyone together with a common vision, goals, and objectives for the city. For the first time, these activists and municipal leaders have the tools to work together.With a generous grant from the Ness Fund of Greater MetroWest NJ, the first Barkai Collective has been launched in Ofakim, as the pilot city in the Negev for the project. We are working closely with the Mayor of Ofakim, Itzik Danino, who has already begun to transform the city. We are already off to a great start and are looking into starting similar initiatives in other cities in the Negev and Galilee based on this model.  We are looking forward to updating you with all the unbelievable progress!

Information Center

Relocating to the Negev or Galilee is a life changing decision. That’s why we have an information center available to anyone who is interested in relocation. Our consultants cover three languages and are experts in understanding people as individuals. They guide each person through every step of the way, for example: choosing their destination, finding schooling and housing, making the final decision, and settling into their new community, etc.


Our information center finalized the update of 317 rural communities in the Galilee, and 159 communities in the Negev as part of our on-going efforts to provide updated and personalized information and materials for those interested in relocating. This past year we have provided information to nearly 40,000 families interested in relocation and we have assisted 5,503 families to relocate this past year.


To find out more about relocation and information regarding these incredible communities in the Negev and Galilee, contact us.

Past Events

 Events Hosted in Florida


American Friends of OR Movement held its first events in Florida in the past months. Events were hosted by Kellie and Elisha Rothman in their Aventura penthouse, with forty guests in attendance, another was hosted by Susan and Joe Stella in their home in Palm Beach, with thirty guests in attendance, and a third with the Beth David Congregation of Miami. Ofir Fisher, Co-Founder and Executive VP, and Dori Shwirtz, the new Miami Campaign Director spoke about OR Movement, our vision, and our goals for Israel in 2048. The response was very enthusiastic, and the guests were inspired to keep active with the OR Movement vision.


If you live in Florida, and are interested in knowing more about OR Movement events in your area, please contact us.

Our Crowd Summit

OR Movement participated in the Our Crowd Global Investors Summit, the world’s largest equity crowdfunding conference in Jerusalem. We met with investors and venture capitalists, as well as global industry leaders. We spoke about OR Movement vision and plans for Israel in 2048, creating thriving, self-sustainable centers of life in the Negev and Galilee


 3rd Annual "Moving This Summer" Event


3rd Annual "Moving This Summer" event happening in March in Tel Aviv where representatives from different communities in the Negev and Galilee, with immediate and available housing options, come and speak with those interested in relocating to these communities. It is an opportune occasion to connect with each other and find out more about the wonderful opportunities in their communities.

Last year, an amazing 312 families joined us in Tel Aviv to get to know the opportunities awaiting them in the Negev and Galilee. Sixteen communities – all with immediate housing options available – set up information booths and held one-on-one consultations between families and representatives. Families got to hear firsthand about the housing, education, culture, employment, and more, in their communities of interest – and got all their personal questions answered. This year, representatives from 23 different communities from the Negev and Galilee are participating and we expect a great turnout!

Are You Ready?

Now we’d like to invite you to come for an inspiring and exciting tour with us. See where your support goes, and what it’s been accomplishing in the Negev and Galilee. Be a firsthand witness to the future of Israel!

We added a new informative page to our website, to invite all of our friends and supporters to join us on Negev and Galilee, whether you are a group, a family, or celebrating a special time such as a birthday or Bar/Bat Mitzvah, we can customize your trip.

Take a look and let us know what you’d like to see and how we can accommodate your visit to the Negev and Galilee. You can fill in the form on our website, or get directly in touch with us by emailing Reut Bendet-Didi.

The Growing Negev Tour!

"You have no idea how inspiring was today's tour! We admired this development effort greatly, even years ago before Aliyah—-and now we get to see it firsthand! We will find a way to help, somehow. Thank you so much.”
Tamsen and Andrew D'Souza.


What a wonderful trip we held with OR seed group Neve Chabad in partnership with Nefesh B'Nefesh Go South program!

English speaking Olim visited the Gateway to the Negev Visitors Center and OR Communities in the Negev last week. They travelled and spoke with different staff members from OR to learn about the process of building a community from start to finish, upcoming opportunities, and what it takes to be a modern pioneer.

They started off in Giv’ot Bar and OR community established in 2004 as an example of a successful final product. Then they went to Carmit to learn about the building stages, and the challenges of making a cohesive community lifestyle. Their final stop was at Shizaf, a temporary camp south of Be’er Sheva, and the start of a new community where the residents are still living in Caravans and going through the process of establishing their community!

For more information about trips like this, check out our missions page.

See the video of the tour here.


The Negev Library is Open!

Sponsored by the Dukes family, via KKL – Slovakia, in partnership with KKL – Israel, the Negev library is located in OR Movement headquarters at the Gateway to the Negev, and right upstairs from the new Visitors Center.

The library is open to the public; anyone interested in learning more about the Negev – students, researchers, tourists,  visitor center patrons – can come in and read more about an extensive range of topics in the Negev.

So far, we have held fascinating lectures, discussions, and award gatherings in the library and it has been a wonderful addition to the Gateway to the Negev facilities. Come by and check it out!

Thank you Dukes family and KKL-Slovakia/KKL-Israel for supporting this important project and allowing us to educate the next generation of pioneers!

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