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The Gateway to the Negev Visitors Center

Old stereotypes and misconceptions have most Israelis disregarding the Negev as a viable opportunity. As a response to this growing trend, and in concert with the 2048 Vision, the OR Movement opened The Gateway to the Negev Visitors Center. Located in the heart of Be’er Sheva’s flourishing old city, the Visitors Center serves as a gateway to learn about the opportunities the Negev has to offer using innovative methods and attractions that appeal to a wide range of audiences.

The Visitors Center dynamically integrates history with a glance towards the future that is being created in the Negev. While an entertaining and enjoyable experience, the center fills the much-needed gap in education about the Negev. The center focuses on educating visitors about the region’s potential, including its resources, assets, residents, and communities.

The Visitors Center encourages a shift in perceptions and stereotypes about the Negev bringing tourists, citizens, students, and army personnel and more to come and see for themselves the real advantages of the Negev. Inspired visitors are encouraged to head upstairs to our Negev and Galilee information center. Here, we host groups for presentations and discussions to learn more about opportunities, provide personal practical steps, and answer any questions visitors have, creating an all-encompassing center that provides both the inspiration and call to action.

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Information Center

Relocating to the Negev or Galilee is a life-changing decision. When relocating, there are so many challenges and research to do.

To assist and encourage relocation, OR Movement established the Negev and Galilee Information Center, located in OR’s headquarters in Be’er Sheva. The Information Center is available 5 days a week to anyone interested in relocating to the Negev and the Galilee.

Our consultants cover three languages and are experts in understanding people as individuals. They guide callers through every step of the way: choosing their destination, finding schooling and housing, making the final decision, and settling into their new community.

Our consultants dip into our extensive databases for information on any Negev or Galilee community. Our information systems allow for the OR Movement to be a trailblazer in providing timely, professional, reliable, and meaningful information both for those interested in relocation, and our partners. We aim to continue to develop and strengthen our technological capabilities to launch the OR Movement to new heights.


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