Our publicity team is all about empowering a wave of motivated people who will make the Negev & Galilee into population magnets. The first step of everything we do, is research to understand our target audience, so that we can reach the most effective crowd. With an understanding of our target audience, we develop targeted campaigns through publications, social media, public campaigns, and events – all which create positive public dialog about the Negev & Galilee.


Events have a great track record for bringing movement towards the Negev and Galilee. Throughout the year we carry out events, each with their theme, purpose, and target audience.

Some examples of events include: “Moving this Summer” a pre-summer fair exhibiting communities with immediately available homes; job fairs featuring employment opportunities specifically in Negev and Galilee regions; “Ambassadors Conference” bringing together ambassadors for the Negev and Galilee; and local “Open Towns” for people to get to know developing communities on a first-hand basis.

Information Centers

Relocating to the Negev or Galilee is a life changing decision. That’s why we have a call center available to anyone who is interested in relocation. Our consultants cover three languages and are experts in understanding people as individuals. They guide callers through every step of the way: choosing their destination, finding schooling and housing, making the final decision, and settling into their new community.

Our consultants dip into our extensive databases for information on any Negev or Galilee community. Our information systems allow for the OR Movement to be a trailblazer in providing timely, professional, reliable, and meaningful information both for those interested in relocation, and our partners. We aim to continue to develop and strengthen our technological capabilities to launch the OR Movement to new heights.

The Gateway to the Negev Visitors Center

The Visitors Center is now open to the public!

The Gateway to the Negev Visitors Center is a one-stop-shop that brings the opportunities of the Negev to light, and showcases the promising future of the region. The center is an exciting attraction with innovative technological displays, experiential and interactive activities, and exciting data boards with live updates from a variety of fields. Tourists, citizens, students, and army personnel are able to come by in groups and see for themselves the real advantages of Negev living.

Inspired visitors are encouraged to step right into our Negev Information Center, where they can immediately receive advice and guidance to start their relocation journey into the Negev.