Establishing Communities

The history of Zionism is intertwined with the building of new communities around Israel. The tradition of building up the land of Israel began as a biblical commandment, and more recently was renewed with the social and political ideologies of a Jewish state, setting up a network of construction across the country. The country is no longer desolate, but the vast majority of construction occurs in the crowded center, making it clear that in today’s day and age, the Zionist mission is to build up the land in the Negev and Galilee.

In 2002 we built the first new town in the Negev after 15 years of stagnancy, and named it Sansana. Since then we have built a total of 9 new towns, each bring thriving new populations to the Negev and Galilee, and creating room for a healthy population dispersal. We continue to work with these towns to develop them into strong and sustainable populations.

Five new towns are in the bureaucratic process of establishment.

Communities Established by OR Movement