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Our work to establish and to fortify sustainable communities in the Negev and Galilee is at the core of our organizational mission. Every demographic development process requires a careful involvement from the very beginning onwards, including: Identifying local needs that includes key infrastructure and communal needs, creating local strategies for demographic growth, guiding the communities for sustainable demographic growth, and advising

In 2002 we built the first new town in the Negev after 15 years of stagnancy and named it Sansana. Since then we have built a total of 8 new towns, each bring thriving new populations to the Negev and Galilee and creating room for a healthy population dispersal. We continue to work with these towns to develop them into strong and sustainable populations.

In preparation for the population growth leading to 2048, we have turned a strong focus to developing the urban communities – where the most significant amount of the population will be housed. For example, Dimona and Ofakim in the Negev; Kiryat Shmona and Akko in the Galilee.

Also much work goes into strengthening at-risk rural communities in key strategic locations, such as Nachal Oz on the Gaza border; Manara on the Lebanon border, and Nitzana on the Egyptian border.

Communities Established by OR Movement

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