Our Partners

Our Partners

Goverment Collaboration

At OR Movement we’re committed to working for the State of Israel and with the State of Israel. We pride ourselves in keeping an ongoing and strong relationship with the Israeli Government, and are grateful for the ministries which work hand-in-hand with us, putting a working focus on building Israel’s future in the Negev and Galilee. The following ministries keep a committed and ongoing partnership in related factions of our work:

  • Ministry of Construction and Housing
  • The Prime Minister’s Office
  • Ministry for the Development of the Negev and Galilee
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of Economy
  • Ministry of Transport
  • Ministry of Defense
  • Israel Lands Authority

Strategic Partners

Our strategic partners come together from around the world to help us achieve our vision for a strong and independent Negev and Galilee. These partners help us with programs, infrastructure, projects, and general funding to keep the movement alive and growing – and for that, we are eternally grateful.
  • Greater Miami Jewish Federation
  • ICA Foundation in Israel
  • Iranian American Jewish Federation of New York
  • Jack Chester Foundation
  • Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles
  • Jewish Federation of Greater Houston
  • Jewish Federation of Broward County
  • Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago
  • Jewish National Fund – Australia
  • Jewish National Fund – U.K.
  • Jewish National Fund – U.S.A.
  • June Baumgardner Foundation
  • Legacy Heritage Fund
  • Mack-Ness Fund of the JCF of Greater MetroWest New Jersey
  • Maggie Foundation
  • Pratt Foundation
  • Rene and Susanne Braginsky Foundation
  • Robert Russel Memorial Foundation


We would like to thank the following generous donors who have helped us turn our dream for the Negev and Galilee into reality. The following is not an exhaustive list of all donors, but rather a glimpse at some of our longtime partners and contributors who have shared our vision, put their faith in us, and lent their continual support to our organization.

  • Karen & Martin Abramson (WLC)
  • Orly & Shimi Alexander
  • Samuel Aizenstat
  • Raya & Shmuel Strauss Ben-Dror (WLC)
  • Nancy & Harry Bloomfield (WLC)
  • Scott Book (WLC)
  • Amy & Robert Book
  • Sam Delug (WLC)
  • Hana & Simon Falic and Family
  • Leonardo Farkas
  • Carol and David Feinberg
  • Tony Felzen & Family
  • Wendy Fisher (WLC)
  • Julie & Martin Franklin (WLC)
  • Julie & Tom Gentile
  • Joseph Glatt
  • Darren Glatt
  • Leon Ginsburg (WLC)
  • Talia Glantz
  • Susie & Yaron Gohar
  • Jane & Ishaia Gol (WLC)
  • Gladys & Sam Z”L Halpern
  • Sharon & David Halpern
  • Murray & Bat-Sheva Halpern
  • Jack Halpern
  • Abbi & Jeremy Halpern (WLC)
  • Ali & Preston Haskell (WLC)
  • Victoria Hearst (WLC)
  • Anatol Hiller
  • Steven Hirth
  • Peter Hochfelder
  • Cecil Jowell
  • Sari & Shlomo Khoudari
  • Bia & Leo Kryss
  • Chella & Moise Z”L Safra
  • Elsie Levi
  • Norman Lipoff
  • Anton Meiring
  • Henry Hank Meyers
  • Stephen Muss
  • Lilian & Meyer Joseph Nigri
  • Dan Och
  • Shelley & Joseph Paradis
  • Ronald O. Perelman
  • Inge & Ira Rennert
  • Ehud Sadan
  • Nicky & Colin Schachat
  • Jeannie & Jay Schottenstein
  • Hanoch Stein
  • Carry Summers
  • Debbie & Jeffrey Swartz (WLC)
  • Lillian & Morris Tabacinic
  • Yael Taubman
  • Sonja & Roland Torn
  • Jessica & Ari Wise
  • Sherry & Bob Wiener (WLC)
  • Zhang Ying
  • And many appreciated others

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