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As a conclusion of OR Movement’s centennial vision for Israel, it is understood that the major growth engines are the urban centers in the periphery (development cities and towns). The current available multi-family housing solutions are not attractive enough to encourage middle-class families to move from an apartment in the center of Israel to an apartment in the outer development cities.

The current contractors do not provide enough incentive within rental and housing solutions, instead they place their focus on building cheaply to increase profit, ultimately attracting mostly investors and families who already reside in the city and are looking to upgrade housing.

As a response to this, OR Movement developed the concept of “Vital Neighborhoods” to be built in Negev and Galilee cities over the next decade. 

This concept will operate through the 2048 Impact Investment Housing Fund. The fund and its investors are looking to make a social and sustainable change through a comprehensive approach to construction and development by creating unique housing projects in “Vital Neighborhoods” that will attract a creative, financially strong, and committed population. These housing projects will be a holistic solution to answer this need, providing amenities for families including leisure places for children and adults, co-working spaces, design, quality, and environmentally friendly architecture.

Vital Neighborhoods will serve as a model and create a snowball effect for the State of Israel and the private sector to invest substantially more in these developing cities, by way of creating social and financial value for partnership and driving successful social and economic growth in underdeveloped areas.