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Meet the Sina, Gal, Kovel, and Alcheck family. These four families left the center of the country and moved to the Negev in search of a better quality of life and a warm strong community to join. To learn more about these communities, read more.

Meet the Sina Family – Hadas, Yael, & Ofek

Har Amasa

Meet the New Neighbors!

The Sina family moved from Kiryat Tiv'on to Har Amasa, in the south of the country near the Yatir forest. The heard about the community through Yael’s brother who saw a publication about the community.  They went for a tour and meet members of the community and fell in love. Over 5 years ago only 10 families lived here. Now, 40 families live in this beautiful Negev community!!



Meet the Gal Family – Oren, Dagnit, & their 3 children

Kibbutz Shluchot

Meet the New Neighbors!

After Dagnit finished law school at Hebrew University, they had plans to move near Tel Aviv.  They quickly realized, they wanted to raise their children in a much different environment. The had visited the Kibbutz in the past and were impressed with the diversity, the family focused environment, the nature, and the excellent education available for their kids.


Meet the Kovel Family – Tzahi, Zohara, & their 3 children

Kibbutz Nahal Oz

Meet the New Neighbors!

The Kovel family moved from the center of the country to Kibbutz Nahal Oz.

For many years, the Kovels wanted to move out of the city into a rural community. After Operation Protective Edge affected so many communities, they decided they wanted to pioneer and strengthen a community near Gaza.  They toured the community during one of OR Movement’s initiatives we have with the Nahal Oz community and fell in love.


Meet the Alcheck Family

Kibbutz Yahel

Meet the New Neighbors!


Avraham and Natasha moved to Kibbutz Yahel in search of a secluded and quiet place to live. They were impressed by the relaxed atmosphere of the Kibbutz and that anyone could find their place there. They were particularly moved that anyone could build or develop what they wanted to from entrepreneurship to hobbies with the full support of the community.

Meet the New Neighbors!

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