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Beer Milka is a moshav – an agricultural community – situated in Israel’s Ramat HaNegev region. Established in 2006 it now has 30 young families – 60 adults and 71 children (at last count). It was built near a national nature preserve, next to the Agur Dune Reserve, and near the Leven, Nitzana, and Rut riverbeds. It is surrounded by beauty – and remote from everything else.

The nearest supermarkets and hospital are located in Beer Sheva – more than 50 miles away on a narrow road that winds through a region almost achingly barren. Beer Milka borders an area of Egypt frequented by smugglers, terrorists, drug runners, and Egyptian military patrols. The desert dunes are seemingly endless; water is scarce and weather is harsh most of the year. People who live in Beer Milka are only there because of a firm conviction that they want to be there. They are true pioneers with dedication and courage.

Despite the local challenges, and proving the local determination, Be’er Milka is growing at an incredible rate – it is the fastest growing community in its region. The community has found much success in agriculture, and is now launching new tourist sites as well. Continuing on with the success, the community is preparing to add a new neighborhood.

About Be'er Milka

Established: 2006

Location: Along the NItzanah stream, 50 minute drive from Be’er Sheva

Character: Secular

Population: 30 families

Category: Agricultural Moshav

About: Be’er Milka is a secular Moshav, along the Nitzana stream, in the Ramat Negev Regional Council, with a population of 30 families. The Moshav, founded in 2006, is located in the heart of nature reserves, where the Nitzana Stream and Lavan Stream meet, a 50 minute drive from Be’er Sheva. Near the Moshav is an ancient well known in Arabic as “Be’er Milga,” or “the meeting well,” hence the name of the town in Hebrew is “Be’er Milka.”

Foundation: Back in the 70s the idea to establish a security community in Be'er Milka was sparked, and in 1979 a detailed plan of the town was created. In 1985 a police squad arrived, and lived there until the arrival of a Nahal group about a year later. The community closed in 1990, with the establishment of a similar town nearby.

The Beer Milka pioneering group was established in 2002, and organized a community nearby. In 2006, the group settled on the ground in temporary trailers provided by the Settlement Division, while they started building permanent their homes. Currently about 25 families live in the community.

Community Vision: The Be'er Milka community is comprised of Negev and nature lovers, who want to take part in the formation of a new town, and live in a peaceful community.