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On a stormy winter night in January of 2004, fourteen pioneering families moved out to establish a new community in the Negev. What began as a row of portable homes and generators in the middle of nowhere, has turned into an inspiring community of 170 families and growing.

Givot Bar (Hebrew for “Wild Hills”) is expected to house 500 families by the end of the decade.

About Givot Bar

Established: 2004

Location: Northern Negev, near Lehavim, 20 minute drive from Be’er Sheva, and hours drive from Tel Aviv.

Council: Shimon Regional Council

Character: Secular

Population: 130 families

Category: Community town

Affiliates: JNF USA, Ira Rennert, Daniel Jusidman

About: Givot Bar is a secular community in the northern Negev, which was founded in 2004. The town is located near Lehavim, a 20-minute drive from Be'er Sheva, an hour from Tel Aviv, populated with around 130 families. The community is named for the surrounding territories in which wheat is grown, as well as its location in the hills.

The community, which belongs to the Bnei Shimon Regional Council, was established by OR Movement, with the Jewish National Fund, the Settlement Division, and the Bnei Shimon Regional Council.

Foundation: Givot Bar was established in January 2004, after several years of group efforts in team building. The families, who formed the pioneering group, resided in Kibbutz Mishmar Hanegev for a few years, until they were granted the permits to Givot Bar. The community was established following a decision by the Israeli government in 2002 to establish a community named “Mishmar Hanegev B” in the northern Negev. Today the community is in advanced development stages, and is slated to house 500 families.

Community Vision: The community was founded on the values of democracy, tolerance, consideration for others, values of integrity, partnership, social responsibility, Zionism, and love of the country. The Givot Bar community will provide its residents with educational solutions, culture, and quality characteristics, while the residents will strive to maintain a balanced community that preserves the sequence of ages.

The community is located in the center of the city council, and will hold good neighborly relations, and cooperative activities with neighboring cities, and encourage tourism and business ventures, while maintaining its character.