Ha’Achim (Brothers) Promenade

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HaAchim walkway is built along a ten acre stretch of the Israel Trail route, providing a shade-filled path for trekkers. The smooth path also allows for easy access to wheelchairs, strollers, and children cruising around the community of Sansana. Planted along the walkway is an assortment of beautiful trees and plants growing almonds, figs, olives, nuts, plums, carob, grapes, and dates. In the center lays a scenic sitting area, often used for celebratory events; at the far end, lays an ancient water spring which now contributes to the orchard watering system. Along the walkway is a unique cabin where Israel Trail hikers can spend the night for free. The cabin comes complete with a restroom, basic kitchen, porch, and mattresses for the hikers.

Location: Sansana, Har Hevron
Cost: $686,080
Partners: JNF – UK
Year: 2008