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Mitzpe Ilan is a community in the Galilee region, established by OR Movement in 2003. The community is made up of Modern Orthodox Jews who have a strong connection to the Land of Israel. The community felt a strong pull to the specific location for strategic reasons; until they moved in, the area barely had a Jewish presence. The Israel Lands Authority considers the development of the area to be a national priority.

The name of the community comes from Israel’s first astronaut, Ilan Ramon OBM, who passed away in the fatal Columbia mission, as his shuttle crashed into Earth.

Today Mitzpeh Ilan is home to over 90 families, and the community is preparing for an expansion that will ultimately reach the size of 2,500 residents. The community’s residents work mostly in professions outside the community which include: security, education, and high-tech. The community is home to an educational framework for children from preschool to kindergarten.

About Mitzpeh Ilan

Established: 2005

Location: Along the Wadi Ara in the Galilee, 20 minute drive from Hadera and Binyamina, and hour’s drive from Tel Aviv.

Character: Religious-Zionist

Population: 90 families

Category: Community town

About: Mitzpe Ilan is a religious mission-oriented community, located in the Menashe Regional Council, along the Wadi Ara. The community is located a 20-minute drive from Hadera and Binyamina, and about an hour’s drive from Tel Aviv. The community is populated with around 50 families, comprising 300 residents.

The community was founded in 2005 and was named after Israel’s first astronaut, Ilan Ramon, who perished in the Columbia space shuttle disaster. Verona, the widow of the late astronaut, was involved in the establishment of the community, and planted a tree in his memory.

The people of Mitzpeh Ilan engage in a variety of professions, such as engineers, computer scientists, educators, civil defense, and others. The pioneering group partnered with OR Movement, the Jewish National Fund, the Settlement Division, the Ministry of Construction, and the Menashe Regional Council.

Foundation: Established in June 2003 by the Israeli government as a Nahal Settlement. In 2005, 44 pioneering families arrived and turned the place into a civil settlement, called Mitzpe Ilan. In 2012 the community received approval for the construction of 345 new housing units, by the Interior Ministry Planning Authority, and in the future, the community will expand to about 2,500 residents. Establishment of the community is achieved only through the creation of sustainable landscape, preserving the natural landscape of the Land of Israel, and causing minimal damage to flora and fauna in the area.

Community Vision: The community’s vision comes from the teachings of of Rav Kook, and brings to light the famous saying that “The land of Israel isn’t an external property of the people only as a means to the goal of general incorporation. Eretz Israel is intrinsic space, knotted up with the very life of the nation.”

Given the above, the community location point is precisely in the seam zone, construction of this area makes a significant contribution to strengthening the security of the country, and the spirit of pioneering.

The purpose of the establishment of the community is to create a living connection between the people of Israel and their roots. In order to increase the unity and brotherhood among the people, community members see the importance of actively maintaining close contact with different streams of Israeli society, within and outside the community.

Members of the community join forces in action and involvement in social, community, and national efforts, “each with the contributions of their heart.”

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