Sansana holds a special place in the history of the Negev – established 1999 it was the first new community after fifteen years of stagnant growth in the region. The young community re-inspired the pioneers of Israel to build up the Negev, and launched the movement in Israel’s South.

Having been a strategic IDF Nahal outpost until 1997, Sansana is located between the Northern Negev and the Southern Hebron Hills. Today the community is home to 80 modern orthodox families and over 330 children. The village is seen as a success and example for new Zionist communities in the Negev.

About Sansana

Established: 1999

Location: Northern Negev, between Kibbutz Lahav and Meitar, 15 minute drive from Be’er Sheva

Character: Modern Orthodox

Population: 80 families

Category: Community town

About: Sansana is a religious community located between Kibbutz Lahav and Meitar, about a quarter of an hour's drive from Be'er Sheva. In the community there are around 80 families and more than 500 residents. The name of the town comes from the verse in Song of Songs: "Amarti aalah batamar, achazah bisansana" meaning, “I will climb the palm tree and hold on to her branches,” it also comes from the name of the biblical city of Judah which was in the same area, and called Sansanna. The community, which is under the Har Hebron Regional Council, was established in 1999 by OR Movement, together with the Jewish National Fund, the Settlement Division, and the Ministry of Housing. The community is located in the heart of a pine forest, and is a magnet for nature lovers, Israel Trail hikers, cyclists, and other tourists

Foundation: Sansana is the first community established by the OR Movement, and after a 15 years stagnancy in which no new community was built in the Negev. In 1999 the first permanent group moved in, consisting of three families and two singles, and a group of Nahal soldiers who stayed there to help until the Sansanna civilian community was established. Among the founders of the community were the four founders of the OR Movement, to which the construction of the new community was the starting point for the movement, emphasizing national missions aimed at developing the Negev and Galilee.

Community Vision: Sansana is characterized as a development community that works with various voluntary internal forces. Development and growth in the community are done in good spirit, cooperation with mutual commitment, and personal responsibility. Sansana is a family community, warm and cohesive, which follows the teachings of religious zionism for the land of Israel. Out of loyalty to these principles, the community was able to reach many achievements and become a banner of Modern Zionism in the Negev.