The Start of the Library of the Negev

See that picture up there? It's the start of something beautiful.

Okay, it doesn't look like much right now. But soon it will. Because a week ago, we started turning it into an exquisite space of knowledge and future: The Library of the Negev.

Sponsored by the Dukes family, via KKL – Slovakia, in partnership with KKL – Israel, this library is located in our headquarters at the OR Movement Gateway to the Negev, and right upstairs from the Negev Visitor Center. The library will be open to the public; anyone interested in learning more about the Negev will be encouraged to step right in – students, scientists, tourists, and especially visitor center patrons who are still thirsty for more info.

The entrance wall of the library will be entirely glass – a window to the future, led by the past. Upon entering, visitors will find books covering every topic related to the Negev: art, culture, geography, tourism, housing, “lands”, statistics, history, education, management, psychology, employment, and entrepreneurship (start-ups).

We hope that the library will start an intellectual conversation about the importance of the Negev – to our past, present, and future. Mostly, we hope that it will increase the wave of movement towards living in the Negev.

The Library of the Negev will open before November.

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