October – a Month of Missions

It’s been a Month of Missions

October was definitely a month of missions. There’s nothing like witnessing firsthand where your support is going, and that’s why we’re so glad we got to bring many of our friends on missions around the Negev and Galilee this past month.

The friends who came…


We welcomed two Family Missions, the Halpern family from New Jersey, and the Menashe family from England. Family Missions are an excellent way to share experiences and discussions between the generations.

Martin Franklin and his friend Lance Armstrong led a VIP Mission of family and friends. The group took a few days to travel VIP style from one end of Israel to the other, getting an in-depth look at the full picture.

We were also pleased to welcome the Ruderman family on a mission in honor of their son’s Bar Mitzvah. Bar or Bat Mitzvah Missions create a powerful connection with Israel’s future that your child will always remember.

Over the holidays, several representatives of our partner foundations and federations from around the world came on Missions, to learn what’s new in the Negev and Galilee, and how their partnership is bringing Israel's future to life.


The things they saw…


On their Negev and Galilee Missions, our friends took many different stops. They stopped in Sansana, to see where the movement all began; in Carmit to witness a town rise out of the desert; in Nachal Oz to experience life right on the Gaza border; in Bedouin communities to meet a new generation of pioneers and innovators; in our headquarters to meet the people behind the scenes; in our new Negev Visitors Center to test out the exhibits before our launch; and in many more sites where the future of Israel is being born.


Now it’s your turn!

Now we’d like to invite you to come join us on a mission. See where your support goes, and what it’s been accomplishing in the Negev and Galilee. Be a firsthand witness to the future of Israel!

We added a new informative page to our website, to invite all of our friends and supporters to join us on Negev and Galilee Missions. Take a look and let us know what you’d like to see. Fill out the form and we'll help you plan your mission!

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