Israel 2048


We can sit back and watch the crisis unfold; or we can stand up and build a strong, sustainable Israel.

We Are Facing a Dramatic Choice

Israel’s population is growing at an extraordinary rate.

By the year 2048, Israel will likely be home to more than 17 million residents.

Only 4 million of those people are expected to live in the Negev and Galilee. That’s 75% of Israel’s territory, with just 25% of the population.

Meanwhile, 12 million people will live in the small area between Nazareth and Kiryat Gat. The entire country will depend on a single, crowded and unaffordable, economic center. This scenario will destroy the quality of life for Israel’s residents, and exacerbate the already growing socioeconomic gaps.

We don’t have to sit back and allow this to happen.

Together, we can use the population’s doubling to our advantage; as a springboard to solve the challenges of the present and future. The growing population must be redirected, and channeled to build up the Negev and Galilee.

Our Strategy Focuses on a Vision for Israel 2048

We want the State of Israel to maximize its growth potential, and thrive in all areas of life; in all regions; and for all its residents.

Our Goal: Not One, But Three Centers for Israel

The Negev and Galilee will become independent centers, and serve as engines for national growth. They will be magnets to Israel’s population; attracting all who seek opportunities for self-fulfillment, and quality of life.

Action items

In the next five years, we and our partners will work together to achieve these objectives:


Bring government commitment to the centennial vision to create three centers for Israel.


Inspire a movement which will lead 3 million residents to move to the Negev and Galilee for 2048.


Escort 150,000 pioneers and entrepreneurs to relocate and work in the Negev and Galilee.

Join the movement, make history.

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