Building the Future of Israel

The Need

Israel’s population is growing at a fantastic rate: by the year 2048 it is predicted to double and reach 17 million.

The current demographic and economic spread in Israel has an unsustainable reliance on the center of the country. This dependency has already created several problems, including a national housing crisis.

If the situation continues along with the State’s forecasted population growth, the problems will be exacerbated. An economy and population of 16 million dependent on one small state center will cause overcrowding, prohibitive housing prices, immovable traffic, and overall loss in quality of life.

The solution is in the underpopulated remaining 70% of the land mass. The Negev and Galilee each have the developing potential to become independent population and economic centers in their own right. Utilizing this potential will allow the state to develop and thrive at a healthier and stronger rate, encouraging a high quality of life for the overall Israeli population.

Our Vision

The Negev and Galilee will reach full economic and social self-sustainability, leading Israel to be made up of three thriving and independent economies: the Galilee, the Gush-Dan, and the Negev.

With the thriving new economic centers citizens will enjoy a higher quality of life, full of opportunities and prosperity; making Israel a better country.

Our Mission

In time for the year 2048, OR Movement will bring the Negev and Galilee to their full inherent potential in terms of population, social structure, economy, and infrastructure; with populations of three million each – which will turn them into thriving centers of population, and catalysts for national growth. This will be achieved through action relating to all aspects of life, and all streams of society.

Our Story & Accomplishments

In 1999, four childhood friends set out on a hike across Israel, with a mission: to determine what Zionism meant for the next generation. They trekked through the Negev and Galilee and saw a vast space of land, neglected. Communities were sparse and growing old, while the youth were leaving for the country’s center. In this spurned area, the young friends saw the future.

The group began with a statement. They established Sansana – the first new community in the Negev after fifteen years of stagnancy. Pioneering in Israel had entered a new era, and OR Movement was born.

Today over 45,000 OR Movement pioneers live in new and renewed communities of the Negev and Galilee.

8 new communities were established by OR Movement: Sansana, Merchav Am, Be’er Milka, Givot Bar, Mitzpeh Ilan, Eliav, Carmit, and Chiran.

63 older communities, rural and urban, completed the process of strengthening and expanding.

34 Seed Groups of young pioneering families have been guided to the Negev & Galilee.

93 public and community infrastructure projects have been completed, including: community centers, entrances, synagogues, mikvahs, early education centers, sports fields, parks, residential buildings, temporary camps, and more.


  • The Algemeiner Award for 100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life (2013)
  • The Yigal Alon Award for Exemplary Pioneering Activities (2012)
  • The first-ever Prime Minister’s Award for Innovation and Initiatives (2010)
  • The Knesset Speaker’s Award for Quality of Life (2009)
  • The President of Israel Volunteers Award (2006)


Program Budget

Our Program Budget totals an annual budget of between 1-3 million USD, depending on the resource development of that year. It is primarily used for the strengthening of existing communities; the establishment of new communities; guidance and establishment of pioneering groups; running our information center; creating awareness; relocation campaigns; and the like.

Project Budget

Our Project Budget reaches an annual budget of between 2-5 million USD for aid and completion of public infrastructure for the needs of various communities. These projects are chosen for the impact that they will have on the population growth of Negev & Galilee communities, and are usually community centers; public parks; synagogues; and early education centers.

Accelerating the Implementation of Government Funding

Outside of our OR Movement organizational budget, we make it a priority to be aware of factions in the state budget which are allocated to the Negev and Galilee. We push for the implementation of these budgets, which are often frozen due to inattention or bureaucratic delay. These budgets may be for the development of infrastructure in Bedouin cities; construction of day care centers in various communities; marketing of the Negev and Galilee; branding budgets for cities; and so on.

Revenue and Expenses of 2017

*Conversion Rate 3.5 NIS:1 USD
** OR receives donations and grants slated for specific capital projects and activities – these funds are generally not managed within a specific calendar
year but by project length. They are received and spent based on the project’s progress, as agreed with the donors.

Infrastructure Development in OR Communities* $42,857,143
*Total of infrastructure costs in OR communities, funded by government sources, donors, and residents. OR raises these funds, but they are managed separately from the organization’s budget.

Annual Reports