Seed Groups

Since the early days of pioneering in Israel, the ideal of the “Seed Group,” has been at the forefront of the country’s development. Still today, the groups remain a powerful tool for the practical development of Israel.

The Seed Groups are made of inspired youth or families who come together to establish a united community with a common pioneering goal. Together they overcome various difficulties and challenges, ones that are almost impossible to overcome alone – but the united power of a strong group allows them to achieve the impossible.

At OR Movement we utilize the power of these Seed Groups to strengthen the populations of the Negev and Galilee in new communities, or in already established rural and urban communities. The initiative to establish a Seed Group often comes from the groups themselves, who then turn to us for guidance. Sometimes we initiate the establishment of a Seed Group, in order to implement a plan for developing an available location, urban or rural. In both cases, we guide the groups to have the maximum positive impact on the future of Israel.

Some of Our Seed Groups

Below is a small sampling of our Seed Groups, click through to read their stories.

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