Building the Future of Israel. Together.


By the year 2048, the Negev and Galilee will reach full economic and social self-sustainability, leading Israel to be made up of three thriving and independent economies: the Galilee, the Gush-Dan, and the Negev. These new thriving economic centers will bring a healthy demographic spread. Israel's citizens will enjoy a higher quality of life, full of opportunities and prosperity; making Israel a better country.


Public and Community Facilities

Impact Groups

Residents Relocated to the Negev and Galilee

Who is planning the future of the State of Israel?
Will all citizens of the state, of all religions and sectors, receive a prosperous and shared future?

The country's population is expected to grow at an incredible rate.
By 2048, the country's population is expected to reach 17 million people, 13 million of whom are expected to live in the center of the country, and only about 4 million are expected to live in the Negev and Galilee.

We seek to advance the 2048 centennial vision, entitled "Israel 2048 - A Shared Future," in which the State of Israel maximizes its growth potential, thrives in all of areas of life, in all regions and for all of Israel's residents.

Join us for a once in a century opportunity to build the future of Israel, together.
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