Seven Photos that Perfectly Capture the Beauty of the Galilee

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1. The Enchanting Rakefet Flower

The Rakefet flower, also known as the Cyclamen, is a native of the Galilee hills. In 2007, it was as elected as the national flower of the State of Israel and as its official representative in the botanical exhibition "We Are One World" held in Beijing. Ancient Greek mythology holds that the flower is a cure against any poisoning; can be used to induce labor; and is a powerful aphrodisiac. We’re just happy to be a home to this incredible beauty.


2. The Mountains Around Kibbutz Misgav Am

This scenic kibbutz was established on November 2, 1945 – the anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, by young members of the Palmach Brigade. Misgav Am literally means “fortress of the people,” since it’s located 840 meters above sea level overlooking the border between Israel and Lebanon.

In 2015, OR Movement began a partnership with the community to strengthen their numbers, and ensure a future by bringing young members to live in the kibbutz. Since then, the kibbutz has welcomed over 60 young members, and a new playground.


3. Rosh Pina After the Rain

Rosh Pina, a town with rich history, is full of lush greenery, inviting an enchanting beauty with every rainfall.

The town was established by local Jews from nearby Tzfat in 1878, and then boosted with a new life by a group of 30 Jewish families who immigrated from Romania in 1882. Some of the local greenery was imported from France in the 1920s by Baron Edmond D. Rothschild who provided financial assistance and guidance to the pioneers of Rosh Pina.


4. The Mystical Hills of Safed

Located at an elevation of 900 meters, Safed is the highest city in the Galilee, and in Israel. Safed is also known as the city of mystics, and is biblically classified as one of the four holiest cities of Israel. Something about the ancient stones and modern homes give the hills of Safed a rare hypnotic beauty.

Today OR Movement is working on several projects to make Tzfat a stronger city, including the marketing of new neighborhoods.


5. The Vinyards of Kibbutz Manara

The mesmeric mountains of Kibbutz Manara have made it into a popular destination for scenic cable car tours. Around the small community you’ll find vineyards, orchards, and cotton fields, as well as extreme sports attractions along the cliffs.

Kibbutz Manara was established by a strong group of young pioneers in 1943, with the intention of keeping a strong presence along Israel’s border with Lebanon. Recently the kibbutz was facing an extreme threat of abandonment, with the majority of members being above retirement age. In 2015, OR Movement began working with the kibbutz and brought over 50 new residents – the first new members in two decades, bringing a new hope for the future.


6. The Fields of Kibbutz Hukok

Kibbutz Hukok is surrounded on one side by their rich agricultural fields, and on the other, the famous Sea of Galilee. In 2013, the kibbutz was awarded a Blue Flag for environmental excellence in their operation of a small beach.

In 2015, OR Movement began a campaign to bring more residents to the small kibbutz, and since then over 100 new members were welcomed in.


7. The Colors of Kibbutz Gesher

The Kibbutz was founded in 1939 by a group of Jews born in the Holy Land, along with Jewish immigrants from Germany, on lands bought by Baron Edmond D. Rothchild. The kibbutz is named after the neighboring bridge (“gesher” in Hebrew) over the Jordan River. The investment of the pioneering members along with their generous benefactors clearly paid off, painting the kibbutz a luscious green.

The Galilee is an incredibly beautiful place, full of green hills, beautiful flowers, and biblical history. There was a time, not long ago, when the hills were running bare and swamps swallowed large planes. Today the Galilee is alive and well thanks to many generous philanthropists and hardworking pioneers. The future of Israel now depends on these guardians of the Galilee who will keep the communities strong, and tend to our national treasures with love.

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Seven Photos that Perfectly Capture the Beauty of the Galilee

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