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In 2015 a group of "olim" (immigrants to Israel) from North America, England, South Africa, and Australia, approached OR Movement with their dream. They wished to establish a new Chabad community in the Negev, based on values of community, Jewish education, and contribution to Israeli society. The group began to gather in Be'er Sheva while waiting for their location to be ready, and today is 15 families strong.

About the Seed Group

The Neve Chabad Seed Group is made up of Chabad families from all over the world, most who immigrated to Israel specifically for the project. Today the group is gathering in Be'er Sheva.

The group aims to build a new community in the Negev, with three primary goals: close-knit community, contribution to society, and Chabad values of Jewish outreach.

As new immigrants far from their families, community is important to the group, and they see each other as a new family support system. The group meets weekly, hosts family events often, and has various community support committees.

Neve Chabad members all agree that they came to Israel because they love the land, and they want to be part of it's future. The group believes in contributing to Israeli society, and aims to do so in areas of environmental care, economic development, supporting new immigrants, serving in the military, and many more. Members of Neve Chabad include doctors, engineers, high-tech professionals, and entrepreneurs who all hope to use their skills and talents for the benefit of the Negev.

As a Chabad group, the community dreams of hosting a year-round Jewish education retreat and resort, which will welcome visitors of all backgrounds into a relaxing environment to learn about Israel's Jewish history. See the full article here>>>

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