In 1967 an idealistic group of Israelis came together and founded Shtula, a Moshav on Israel’s border with Lebanon. The new community added a strong presence to the endangered border. Over the years, the community suffered many hardships due to its strategic location, and its population began to dwindle.

In 2010 a group of ten young families with a vision and determination, moved into Shtula, and revived the community’s hopes for the future.

[title size="1"]About the Seed Group[/title]

In early 2009 a group of young families from the center of Israel gathered together with a dream. They wanted to start a new community, one built upon companionship, Torah values, and where their children would be able to run freely, and enjoy a relaxing suburban life. They also wanted to help build Israel's future.

When they approached OR Movement, they spoke about establishing a new town, but soon they heard of a place that needed them more: Shtula. Shtula was further than most of them had ever been – all the way up North on Israel's border with Lebanon. Shtula had been founded in 1967, but in recent decades began to struggle for survival, with only a handful of families remaining. It also had a scary reputation; it was in key strategic location on Israel's border, and faced danger and fatality before.

The group chose to make an impact where they were needed most, and headed to Shtula in 2010. Today, the group is fully integrated with the old-timers, and has the supportive community that they always wanted. Most importantly, they made a difference: Shtula is once again a thriving community.